5 Best Prestige Gas Stove Review in India 2022

This Article is about Prestige Gas Stove Review in India. Gas stoves play a significant role in kitchen rooms. You can consider it as the kitchen king because even if you have all the other accessories, it is quite difficult to cook good foods without gas stoves.

Prestige gas stove review in india

It can be argued that there are induction ovens or microwaves for cooking. But they will not provide you with as efficient cooking as gas stoves do. Think about the situation when there is no electric power for several days. Then how will you cook food in those electrical devices?

This product is when gas stoves help. Enough of an overview of gas stoves, let us now move on to this article’s primary focus. Gas stoves are very common so you may think that you know enough to choose the best one. But this is not right.

There are many factors to consider for choosing the best gas stoves among so many products out there. We have narrowed our search to the Prestige brand here because it is the number 1 brand of all.

So, if you are planning to buy a gas stove from Prestige, then you are in the right place. Here, we will be discussing the best prestige gas stove review.

But before directly diving into the best prestige gas stove review, let us take a look at the reason for choosing Prestige and the buyer’s guide too.

Why should you choose Prestige as a brand for a gas stove?

Almost no one or very few people have not heard the name ‘Prestige’ when it comes to kitchen appliances. Prestige ranks the top in its various products related to kitchen appliances.

Prestige gas stove review

There are various products that Prestige offer and no matter whatever you choose, it is always guaranteed that you will get the most reliable and good quality products.

The features and the sturdiness that Prestige offers are very less common among the other brands out there in the market. The wide range of products and the price makes it suitable for anyone to choose the best one as per their budgets or needs.

Some of the key features that will force you to choose the Prestige brand are many, though we will list here a few among them:

Best performance – Any model from Prestige is built with high efficiency and safety. So all of them are much durable and sturdy. Thus if you want to buy the best gas stove, then Prestige is an ideal option.

Design – The wide variety of designs of the gas stoves from Prestige opens up the door for you to choose according to your wish.

Excellent customer service – The customer support is brilliant and responsive.

Therefore, it is an excellent decision to go with the Prestige brand because all their products are made with extreme care and safety exclusively for Indian kitchens.

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List of Best Prestige Gas Stove Review 

1. Prestige Marvel Gas Stove with 3-burner and glass top

Prestige Marvel Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

Product Description –

If you want to buy a 3-burner effective gas stove with a glass top, then this can be an ideal option for you for a family of 4 to 5 members.

This manually operated gas stove consists of brass-made 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large burner. It has a powder-coated body material with a toughened shatter-proof glass top.

The knobs are ergonomically designed which makes them easy to operate. You can cook dishes in 2 oversized utensils and 1 medium-sized vessel at the same time. The plates are designed in a spill-proof manner such that the vessels do not topple over easily.

  • The dimensions of the gas stove are 72.5cm x 40cm x 13cm.
  • The warranty provided by the brand is 2 years.

  • Affordable price.
  • Built quality is good.
  • Easy to use with a super performance.
  • The height is a bit short.


2. Prestige Marvel Gas Stove with 4 burners and glass top

Prestige Marvel Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, black

Product Description –

This product is the same model as the previous but with 4 burners that make it suitable for families comprising more than 5 members.

This gas stove’s ignition type is manual with 2-small, 1-medium, and 1 large brass burner. The gas stove body is powder-coated with a toughened glass top that gives it an excellent look.

There are spill-proof design plates around the burners with ergonomic knob design. With 4 different burners, you can cook 4 different dishes in different sizes of utensils simultaneously.

  • The gas stove dimensions are 63.5cm x 60cm x 15.5cm.
  • The warranty is for 2 years.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Good look and design.
  • Knobs are comfortable.
  • The height can feel short for taller people.


3. Prestige Magic Gas Stove with 2 burners and glass top

Prestige Magic Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

Product Description –

This model is the best prestige gas stove under 3000 that you can go for if you want to buy a 2-burner gas stove with a modern glass top look.

This gas stove has to be operated manually and consists of 1 small and 1 medium burner. With a powder-coated body, the top is manufactured using toughened glass that is shatter-proof.

The tri-pin brass burners help in cooking food efficiently. The knobs are also ergonomically designed which helps in easy movement.

  • The gas stove dimensions are 63cm x 39cm x 13cm.
  • The warranty period is 2 years.
  • Working performance is good.
  • Looks attractive.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • A bit short in height.

  4. Prestige Edge Gas Stove 

Prestige Edge Gas Table PEPS 02 - Pastel

Product Description –

Are you concerned about the brilliant and unique looks? Then this best prestige gas stove review will blow your mind.

This gas stove is the slimmest cooktop in the world. At the same time, it will be provided with a lifetime warranty with the Schott glass, and the gas stove is designed for extended durability. The pan supports are preventing your vessels from toppling over.

There is also a flame guard protection for each burner that makes it extra safe to cook even for beginners. So if you want your kitchen to look classy and stylish, then this is a perfect choice for you.

  • The gas stove dimensions are 95cm x 47cm x 15cm.
  • The warranty is 2 years on the product with a lifetime on the Schott glass.
  • Unique and stylish look.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Very safe.
  • Knobs are not very smooth.

 5. Prestige 3-burner gas stove with stainless steel design 

Prestige Perfect Stainless steel 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Metallic Silver

Product Description –

After the best Prestige gas stove review of the glass top designs, let us also discuss one stainless steel gas stove from Prestige.

This gas stove is manually operated with 1-small, 1-medium, and 1-large brass burners that are extremely efficient. This is entirely manufactured with stainless steel; thus, there is no doubt that it is incredibly durable.

The press-fit knobs are comfortable to operate. So if you want to maintain the tradition of stainless steel gas stoves at an affordable price, then you can go for this blindly.

  • The gas stove dimensions are 77.5cm x 42cm x 13cm.
  • The warranty is for 2 years.
  • Knobs are of better quality.
  • Built quality is good.
  • Nice looking.
  • Not as stylish as glass top ones.

What factors have we considered for preparing this best Prestige gas stove review? | Buying Guide

There are many products from Prestige, especially when it comes to gas stoves, then the number of products is numerous. So it isn’t easy to filter so many products for picking up the 5 best models you should go for. We have considered several factors out of which we have included some here:

The number of burners:

This is an essential factor to make sure of before making a purchase. Depending on the time you want to spend in the kitchen or the number of family members, you have to decide upon the number of burners. In this article, we have included 2-burners, 3-burners, and 4-burners as well. So you can choose the one that you need.

Space between burners

All the products mentioned here are checked for this factor. This factor determines whether you will be able to cook multiple dishes simultaneously in case you choose a gas stove with more than one burner.


You have to keep the gas stove in a particular place in the kitchen. So before making the purchase, you must measure the size of the area you have and then choose the gas stove that complies with the size you have. This is the reason we have included product dimensions for each of them.

Ignition Type

There are two types of operating the gas stove, either manual or automated. It is better to go with the manual ones and that’s why we have prepared this list for the manually operated gas stoves only.


Nowadays, glass top gas stoves are more popular than stainless steel ones. The reason is they are easy to clean and they look classy and stylish in your kitchen. Make sure that the design you are selecting will look good in your kitchen. The stainless steel ones can be equally good if you want an economical option.

These are the major factors to check before purchasing a gas stove. Besides, some other factors include budget, warranty, anti-skid feet, and some more.


Among many products of Prestige, we have picked up the top 5 best gas stoves. Hence you can go with any of these according to your need. We can’t compare and declare the best one here because we have included different types and with a different number of burners.

Thanks for reading this article; I hope you will come again to find some more gas stove reviews.

Keep smiling!

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