Top 5 Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India 2021 (January)

Cooking food is a daily routine of our lives and for cooking the first and foremost requirement is a gas stove. Cooking is an art and for any art, you always need the best tools not just any random ones, so choosing the best single burner gas stoves in India for your kitchen is essential.

best single burner gas stoves in india

Nowadays, every Indian household has a gas stove.Therefore, various brands have launched a lot of gas stoves in the market. They are available in different forms and sizes and you should go for the one which will meet your requirements.

The main types of gas stoves depending on the number of burners present available are 1-Burner, 2-Burner, 3-Burner, and 4-burner. You should consider the number of family members you are planning to cook and choose to buy the type that you need.

Are you a bachelor or staying in PG, so want to buy a single burner gas stove? Then close all your tabs and focus over here as you are at the perfect place.

Here, we will discuss the top 5 best single burner gas stoves that you can go for without hesitation, and also we have included the buyer’s guide for your convenience.

Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India 2021

Prestige Prithvi 1-Burner Gas Stove
made of stainless steel
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TTK Prestige 1-Burner Gas Stove with Marvel Glass Top
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Flamingold 1 burner gas stove made of Glen Steel
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Sunflame 1-Burner Gas Stove made of stainless steel
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Fogger 1-burner gas stove made of glen stainless steel
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Top 5 Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India 2021

1. Prestige Prithvi Single Burner Gas Stove made of Stainless Steel

This is a suitable choice for you, if you are planning to buy a single burner gas stove. because the price is much reasonable and will serve all your of the best brand of a gas stove in India.

Prestige Prithvi Single Burner Gas Stove

Product Description:

This manual stainless steel gas stove consists of brass burner material with stainless steel made body and top. It is equipped with a brass gas valve and press-fit knobs, which will make it easier to use. The bottom legs are much taller, so it facilitates good heat transfer and the edges are also folded, which will keep you safe from cuts or injuries.

Warranty – Prestige offers a 2-year warranty for any kind of manufacturing defect for this product.

Specifications – The dimensions of this gas stove are 37.4 X 36.9 X 12.2 cm in terms of Length, Breadth, and height and the weight is 2.58 kgs.

  • Flames control knobs are safe to use.
  • Sturdy product from Prestige at a budget-friendly price.
  • Easy to handle.
  • ISI certified product.
  • Look wise primitive, not colourful.

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2. TTK Prestige 1 Burner Gas Stove with Marvel Glass Top


If you want a gas stove with an attractive look, then we strongly recommend you go for this one, although please make sure that you have a moderate budget because the price of this is almost double the previous Prestige one.

TTK Prestige Single Burner Gas Stove

Product Description:

This is also a manual gas stove with a medium-sized brass made burner and powder coated body with a toughened glass top, thus giving it an amazing look like a polished black surface. This ISI certified product is equipped with ergonomically designed knobs, which makes it easy to grip while using. The tri-pin burners of this stove are of high efficiency and also the stove has been designed with spill-proof as well. If you want a combination of good performance, efficiency, and awesome looks, then this product is suitable for you to add value to your modern kitchen.

Warranty – This product comes with a 2 years warranty; the details of the categories that fall in this warranty are provided in the user manual.

Specifications – This gas stove is 42.01, 35.99, and 16 cms in length, breadth, and width respectively with a weight of around 4 kgs.

  • Very impressive product.
  • Excellent design.
  • Safe to use.
  • ISI certified product.
  • Very expensive in terms of single burner stove.

3. Flamingold 1 Burner Gas Stove made of Glen Steel


A very good looking product with silver colour and a round-shaped design at an affordable price, this can be ideal for you if you want to go beyond prestige.

Flamingold Single Burner Gas Stove

Product Description:

This gas stove is of manual ignition type with a stainless steel body, thus increasing the overall durability of the product. The medium-sized burner is made of brass, which helps to provide superior retention of heat and even distribution of heat. This stove has high thermal efficiency with the gas inlet on the back. The rubber legs will help you to not getting any scratches wherever you keep it. So this stove will make your kitchen life easy and best gas stove for Indian kitchen.

Warranty – Warranty will be provided in the user manual.

Specifications – The product dimensions are 38 X 38 X 13 cms (L X W X H) with a weight of 2.75 kgs only.

  • Very decent product with good steel quality.
  • Easy to maintain and keep it clean.
  • Safe to use no leakage problems.
  • Customer service is not so good.

4. Sunflame Single Burner Gas Stove made of Stainless Steel


One of the best brands from 1982 is Sunflame, so if you want a single burner gas stove with not so much fancy, you can go for this one.

Sunflame Single Burner Gas Stove

Product Description:

This manual gas stove consists of 1 super big burner made of brass with a stainless steel body, thus increasing the strength of the stove to a large extent. There is also pan support, which can support heavy dishes and make it corrosion free euro-coating has been used. The well-designed knobs also add flavour to your cooking experience.

Warranty – All kinds of manufacturing defects are covered under the 2-year warranty period, but physical damage is not considered.

Specifications – Weight is only 2.15 kg and the product dimensions are  26.2 x 31.3 x 8.5 cm.

  • Stainless steel body quality is satisfying.
  • High-Intensity flame.
  • Value for money.
  • ISI certified product.
  • Rubber legs are incorporated into this product.

5. Fogger Single Burner Gas Stove made of Glen Stainless Steel


One more gas stove which will fit your purpose at a very budget-friendly price with an awesome look and quality.

Fogger Single Burner Gas Stove

Product Description:

This ISI certified manual gas stove comes with an amazing look with rounded corners. This is a heavy-duty portable stainless steel single burner gas stove that you can even use for cooking during parties or some kind of events. The brass burners are superb for a good cooking experience and the designer knobs add to the beauty of the stove as well as easy use. This is very easy to clean and maintain for regular use. Thus it can add much simplicity to your kitchen life.

Warranty – This provides 2 years of the warranty period.

Specifications – This stove is very lightweight only 2.1 kg and the product dimensions are 37.5 X 33 X 9 cm.

  • Product Quality is good.
  • Price is less if compared with quality.
  • The flame is too good.
  • ISI certified product.
  • The drip tray is a bit small.

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Buyer’s Guide for selecting the best single gas burner stoves in India

There are a lot of brands selling these single burner gas stoves in India, some of them are Prestige, Sunflame, Flamingold, and others. Before starting the review of the top 5 ones, let us look at some of the factors you should consider while buying a gas stoves for you.

gas stove for modular kitchen

Ignition Type – The two main types of ignition are the manual and auto ignition, auto ignitions are easy to use, but the most common and safest ones are the manual ignition gas stoves where you have to use a lighter or matchstick to ignite the burner.

Burner material – The two main materials used for burners are brass and aluminium, but the brass ones are better than aluminium burners due to their durability and corrosion-resistant nature.

Design – There are many designs of the gas stoves available like square, rectangle, curved, or oval. You can choose the one whose shape you prefer.

The material of the body – Always go for the gas stoves which have stainless steel bodies.

Budget – This is the main criterion you must go for the best burner within your budget. But don’t buy the cheapest one. Always take care of the quality first.

After becoming aware of the above factors, I hope you are ready to buy the best gas stove. Let us check out the top 5 Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which brand gas stove can I buy?

If you ask about the best brand, we would suggest going for Prestige. But you can go with Sunflame, Flamingold, Fogger as well.

Q2. Is it okay to buy gas stoves online?

Buying gas stoves online is not only safe, but you will get offers throughout the year.

Q3. What features shall I look for before buying a gas stove?

We have already described this in detail in the buyer’s guide section above. Please go up and check there.

Q4. A 1-burner gas stove is suitable for how many people?

Normally it is good to use single burner gas stoves for singles and at most couples. It can be used for 3 members as well, but will take more time to cook food.

The Final Verdict:

We have tried from all the possible ways to make you clear everything about single burner gas stoves and also for your convenience, we have listed down the top 5 single burner gas stoves above. Along with each review, we have included our opinion but let me tell you the one that you can go for.

Prestige is always the best option to buy in case of gas stoves. So if you have a high budget go for the 2nd product on our list and if you have a low budget, you can also select the 1st one on our list.

One thing we can guarantee is whatever you choose among the top 5 in our list, and you will be beneficial in the long run. All the best!

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