Auto Ignition Gas Stove Disadvantages and Advantages


Many benefits are associated with using an auto-ignition gas stove. it provides more accurate cooking temperature control, manual flame control, and more economical fuel. Despite these benefits, a gas explosion can still occur, most commonly because of carelessness or a malfunctioning system. That’s why auto ignition gas stoves are becoming popular. It is important to … Read more

What is Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

So, What is auto ignition gas stove?. An automatic ignition gas stove works by triggering an electrical spark to ignite the gas. You have to ignite the gas to get it started manually with a standard gas stove. But an auto ignition gas stove has an ignition system that relies on electricity, which requires a … Read more

How to cook on Induction Cooktop? (A Quick Post)


Where standard cooktops use natural energy sources for cooking food, induction cooktops create heat itself. So, no pollution! Well, how to cook food on induction cooktop? Let’s learn in this quick post. Ever rubbed your hands on each other on wintery days! Your hands get warmer as friction gets created due to push & pull … Read more

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop (A Quick Post)


Induction cooktops are a new technology. Many of us are willing to install one. Yet, they are also keen to know the pros and cons of induction cooktop. Learning which will help them use an induction stove better!  What’s in it for me? 1. What is induction cooking?  2. Pros of induction cooktop 3. Cons … Read more

Is Automatic Gas Stove Safe? | A Detailed Guide


A kitchen without a gas stove is like a computer without a processor. This implies that kitchens are said to be incomplete without a gas stove. Due to this fact, gas stoves are in huge demand in every Indian household. Taking that advantage, various brands across the market are trying to bring some advancement to the … Read more

Which is better Gas stove or Hob in India?


Buying a gas stove or induction hob is the most challenging decision ever! Gas stoves, being traditional, may seem convenient. Yet, induction hobs come with futuristic features that make them the best choice. The answer is that you must learn which is better gas stove or hob. While reading this post, do not jump to … Read more

Induction cooktop problems and solutions (Complete Guide)

Image of couple cooking over an induction cooktop after resolving common induction cooktop problems and solutions

An Induction cooktop has made the lives easier for many! If compared with gas stoves, induction cooktops are more energy-efficient. No matter how useful an appliance is, it ought to malfunction at times. Yet, reading this guide, you will discover solutions to it. In this post, we have covered common induction cooktop problems and solutions. … Read more

How to clean an Induction stove? (A Detailed Guide)


A good home is never complete without a perfectly cleaned kitchen environment, as the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Adding a cooktop to your kitchen environment will provide aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, it will also reduce the time required for the cooking process. Now if you are spending a great … Read more