10 Best Induction Cookware in India | Buying Guide

If you’re using induction cooktops, then you require similar cookwares. One cannot use normal stove utensils on an induction. The reason being such cooking utensils have a bulging bottom which is not suitable. Having a number of options in the market, it’s natural to get confused while purchasing good cookware. In this article, we will discover everything about induction cookware. As well, we will also explore the Best Induction Cookware in India.

These kitchen utensils are available in a variety. There are frying pans, pressure cookers, saute pans, saucepans, grill pan, wok, etc. All are available in unique sizes & weights. The features & prices are also varying. All these things make it easier for Indian homemakers to buy ideal utensils.

Moreover, the fancy cookware designs add an elegant touch to your modern Indian kitchens.

So, let’s get into our best picks for top induction cookware sets in India.

Further, in this guide, you will learn everything about induction cooking sets. So, you can buy the top induction utensils sets in India.


Top Picks of Induction Cookware India

S.No.Product NamePrice
1.Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Induction Compatible Cookware Set 1Check on Amazon
2.Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Induction Compatible Saucepan, Capacity 2 Litre, Diameter 18 cmCheck on Amazon
3.AmazonBasics Non-Stick 5-Piece Cookware Set (Induction and Gas Compatible)Check on Amazon
4.Prestige Omega Gold Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Milk Pan, 160mm/1.5 litres, Metallic RedCheck on Amazon
5.Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Lifetime Induction Base Sauce Pan, 240mm, BlackCheck on Amazon

What is an Induction Cookware Set?

Cookwares are all the essential food containers that are used in the kitchen. It includes frying pans, saucepans, salutes pans, skillets, wok, oven, etc. A normal stove gas requires daily-use cooking vessels. However, for an induction cooktop, you have to find the Best Induction Cookware set in India. An induction cooktop demands flat vessels with a magnetic base. Why so?

Induction cooktops run on electromagnetic function. So, it requires utensils with a magnetic base. A flat vessel stands perfectly on a cooktop. Also, the magnetic base heats up the vessel properly and quickly.

So, when you turn on the induction, the heat goes directly to the vessel due to magnetism. This in turn speeds up the cooking time.

In the market, there are a variety of cooking vessels available. There are several brands offering several features. Some utensils are made up of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. There are different pot & pan sizes to cook bigger & smaller cuisine quantities. Also, there are modern designs manufactured for modern kitchens. So, it’s quite common to get bemused seeing endless cookwares.

However, reading this guide further, you will discover the top induction cookware India. So, put an end to confusion when we are here to help!

Benefits of Induction Cookware

Image showing sizzling egg half-fry cooked over the best induction cookware in India

Induction cookware is useful while cooking on induction cooktops. Here is why?

  • These utensils stand still on the induction cooktop. A round bottom cookware might fall off. However, induction cookwares have a flat bottom which allows good grip.
  • These utensils ensure faster and even cooking.
  • These utensils provide a safer way of cooking. The reason being you’ll be cooking on an energy-efficient induction cooktop.
  • Some utensils are extremely stylish and touch up your kitchen interiors.

These are the top advantages of the Best Induction Cookware in India.

Various Types of Induction Cookware Sets

As said earlier, there is numerous induction cookware. You will be cooking veggies, soups, meat, sandwiches, etc over the containers. So, it’s good to learn about these varied cookwares.

● Frying pan

Image showing black frying pans ideal for Indian cooking

Fry pans are a must-have for Indian kitchens. The pans have circular rounded sides with a flat base. Having a wide flat bottom enables faster cooking. The flat base also allows the heat to spread evenly. These utensils are ideal for cooking egg omelets, Dosa, Uttappam, etc. However, the frying pans do not come with a lid to cover.

● Skillet cooking pan 

Image showing skillet pan which is one of the best induction cookware in India

Skillets are similar to fry pans. However, skillet pans are made up of pre-seasoned cast iron. This is why they are usually heavier in weight. These pans are ideal for sauteing veggies, searing sauces, frying, etc. The cast iron allows maximum heat retention. Moreover, the long handle provides a good grip on the hands.

However, it doesn’t come with a lid to cover. Also, you need to clean it well to maintain cast iron for longer. Make sure that you do not use soap to wash it out. Just wash it out with hot water and dry it out. It is one of the best Induction cookware brands available in India.

● Saucepan

Image showing sauce pan which can be used for making sauces, Indian soups, boiling milk & water, etc

A Saucepan, as the name says, is great for preparing sauces. It has a round bottom, straight & deep sides, a handle, and a lid. These features make it perfect for making healthy soups & tasty sauces. Also, it’s good to boil water, milk, or make tea. You can also boil noodles & eggs, reheat leftovers, etc as well.

● Grill pan

Image showing grill pans

Grill pans are square or round-shaped flat surfaces with ridges. These griddles usually have a short handle to hold. The ridges bring grill marks on meats, sandwiches, fish, etc. These open ridges or spaces lock up the moisture to cook food slowly. This in turn seals the juices present in fish, meat, etc. Ultimately, it brings a smoky flavor to the cuisine. On a griddle, you can cook with a minimum amount of oil. So, you also get to eat healthy meals with less oil content.

● Braiser Pan

Image showing braiser pan which is one of the best induction cookware in India

These large pans have a flat base, shallow sides, and tight-fitting lids. These lids lock up the moisture allowing evenly cooking. You can use these pans for browning food, cooking rice, beans & veggies, making soup, etc. So, every Indian kitchen must have one such braiser pan.

● Saute pan

Image showing saute pan which can be used for sauteing vegetables

It is one of the useful and Best Induction Cookware in India. You often saute veggies with little oil in a Saute pan. It is a shallow pan with straight sides, a long handle, and a cover lid. Apart from sauteing veggies, you can deep-fry meat, make delish sauces, etc. Also, the tight-fitted lids provide heat retention which aids in faster cooking.

● Roasting pan

Image showing rectangular roasting pan placed inside oven utensil

A Roasting pan is a rectangular flat pan with shallow sides. Such a structure allows heat to reach evenly across food. These pans are placed over roasting racks in the microwave oven. It helps the food to cook thoroughly and evenly. So, you can roast fish, pork, beef, etc. It keeps the meat elevated which keeps the air flowing & heats up evenly.

● Wok

Image showing Wok pan which can be used for cooking Indian gravies

A Wok pan is easily found in all Indian kitchens. It is an all-purpose pan popularly used all-over Asia. This pan has a round flat surface, high sloping sides, and a long handle. All these features make it perfect to cook everyday vegetables. You can use it for stir-frying, deep-frying, searing, roasting nuts, boiling, steaming, etc.

The pan is usually hotter at the bottom and cooler at the sides. Also, the handle stays cool even if the pan is hot at the bottom. So, you always get a firm & comfortable grip over the handle. Being an Indian homemaker, you can cook delicious puris or sweet kheer in it. Also, it usually is big enough to cook & serve bigger food quantities.

● Stockpot

Image showing stock pot

A stockpot has a flat bottom, long straight sides, and a cover lid. Moreover, it generally has two handles on the sides which allows good grip. You can boil vegetable stock, stews, lobster, and prepare delish soups. The side two handles make it easier for you to carry the pot when it’s hot. All these things make it the Best Induction Cookware in India.

● Dutch oven

Image showing Dutch oven which is one of the best induction cookware in India

It is a large utensil that is ideal for cooking BiryaniSambhar or Rasam, Fried rice or noodles, stews, soups, brownies, etc. The reason being it holds the heat perfectly for a long time.

This vessel is generally round-shaped, has 2 side handles, and a cover lid. It is made up of cast iron which makes it heavier in weight. The Dutch oven provides even heat distribution for consistent cooking. You can use it to broil, braise, fry, saute, sear, etc. The cast iron adds a rustic taste to every cuisine.

● French oven

Image showing blue French oven

A French oven is similar to a Dutch oven, however, equipped with an interior enamel. So, these vessels do not require seasoning. The 2 side handles provide a secure grip when the container is hot. You can purchase this oven in a variety of colors. Such cookware will complement your kitchen’s stylish look.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Induction Cookware

You’ve learned about various cookware types above. So, it’s time to discover the Best Induction Cookware in India. Before buying the best, you must learn more about materials used, pan sizes, weight, etc. By doing so, you can curate the best induction cookware set for your Indian kitchen. So, let’s get further into the guide.

● Pan & Pot sizes

An ideal pan or pot size is the one that serves cooking for all family members. If you’re cooking for 3-4 people, go for a small pot or pan. If it’s a joint Indian family, you can go for a big pot or pan. 

Make sure that you check the pot or pan size online before buying. So, you’ll get the right size delivered to the home.

Image showing colorful Simla Mirch cooked in a Induction-based Fry pan

● Utensil material

A utensil is made up of different materials. There are many best induction cookware sets in India. Some are made out of stainless steel & glass. Whereas, others are made up of aluminum, cast iron, etc.

❖    Stainless steel

This material does not react with acidic or alkaline foods. So, you’re promised purity in whatever you cook. Also, it doesn’t scratch easily which makes it durable for years. Moreover, it is generally inexpensive.

❖    Aluminum

Aluminum is a good heat conductor. So, it creates good heat while cooking food. However, this metal has a tendency to react with acidic food items. So, if you cook tomatoes in aluminum cookware, then it probably will seep into the food. However, you can always cook other food items in an aluminum pot or pan. It reacts with acidic foods only.

❖    Cast iron

Cast iron is a heavy metal. While cooking, some amounts of iron leach into the container. This iron is healthy for our body. All cast iron containers are prone to rust. To prevent rust, they are coated with a seasoning layer. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy in weight. However, it’s good to have at least one cast-iron container at home.

❖    Glass

Generally, the lid is made up of glass. Such a transparent lid looks attractive. As well as, it helps you to know how much time it will take to cook food. You do not need to open the lid every time to learn so. Unlike steel lids, you do not need to lift the glass lid every time to check how much food is cooked. The only drawback is that such lids are highly prone to breakage.

So, this is how they manufacture the Induction Cookware in India.

● Heat distribution

Your induction cookware must evenly distribute heat while cooking. So, all the foods are cooked easily, evenly, & quickly.

● Metal reactivity

As said earlier, some metals react with the food being cooked in them. Aluminum leaches its contents with acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar, etc. Also, hot & acidic foods react with ceramic cookware which lixiviate lead. So, it’s good to check metal reactivity before purchasing cookware.

Image showing chef searing meat piece over the best induction cookware in India

● Flat base & sides

Your cookware must have a flat base for faster & even heating. Also, you must buy cookware with high sides if you’re willing to cook soup. As well, the cookware can have medium sides if you’re cooking veggies or sauces.

● Weight

Your cookware set must be lighter in weight. So, when the container is hot, you can easily put it down. Generally, only the cast iron pot or pan is heavier in weight.

● Convenience to carry

Your utensil must provide convenience to carry when it’s hot. A vessel with oversized side handles & a lid with a handle is great to carry. It provides a comfortable grip while lifting up the lid or holding the hot pot.

● Easy to clean

The Best Induction Cookware in India must be easy to clean. Containers made up of stainless steel are easier to clean. On the other hand, cookware made up of cast iron, aluminum, & copper requires careful cleaning.

Image showing how to wash induction cookware
  • Number of cookwares

Some cookware sets offer a few pieces with high functions. Whereas, some cookware sets offer a number of pieces. Before purchasing, you must set your purpose & needs for the kitchen. This way, you can go for a number of cookware or containers with high functionalities.

  • Cookware design

If you’re fashion-cautious, then this point is for you! Make sure that the cookware style matches the cooktop design. Also, the cookware with flat bottom suits the smooth top range. On the opposite, the wok pot with round bottoms generally suits the top of the stove. Following these tips, you can purchase the Best Induction Cookware in India.

  • Price

Make sure that you compare pricing with features. Some sets offer a lot of cookware so their prices are high. Also, some sets offer multi-featured containers so their prices tend to be high. So, it’s good to be alert regarding the benefits you will derive after making a purchase.

Check Here, if you are looking for the Best Induction Cooktop Under 2000.

Best Induction Cookware in India

So, let’s look over the top induction cookware in India. You can buy any of these below-mentioned best-fits. Choose the best cookware set that complements your kitchen requirements. 

1. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Induction Compatible Cookware Set 1

Image showing Hawkins Futura Hard Anodized induction cookware set available in India

Hawkins, being a famous brand in India, has as always good cookware. It is a complete cooking set compatible with your kitchen. The set consists of a deep frying pan, a cook-n-serve bowl, and a frying pan. The cook-set is hard anodized. It means you can cook healthier food even with fewer oil quantities. All these things make it one of the Best Induction Cookware in India.

Moreover, you can cook with lesser energy consumption with minimum fuel. All the utensils look so attractive that you can even gift them to your near-and-dear! Nevertheless, these stylish Hawkins cookware also come at a very affordable price.


  • Three-cooking vessels – frying pan/Tawa, deep frying pan with lid, cook-n-serve bowl
  • Affordable prices
  • Hard anodized containers
  • Attractive utensils
  • 5 years warranty


  • Requires gentle cleaning. Do not use wire brush or abrasive chemical to clean it out.

2. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Induction Compatible Saucepan, Capacity 2 Litre, Diameter 18 cm

Image showing Hawkins Futura saucepan which is one of the best induction cookware in India

It is the second-best induction cookware set in India from Hawkins. You get a Saucepan here. The cookware metals are non-toxic. In other words, the metals do not react while your food is being cooked. Also, due to extra thick metal, the utensil heats up evenly. This in turn cooks your food consistently from in and out.

Also, in this saucepan, you can make sauces, North-Indian gravies, Indian curries, Dal Tadka, tea, coffee, etc. The utensils are durable enough to last for years. The thick stainless steel handle provides a good comfortable grip.


  • It contains – 1 attractive & tough saucepan
  • Non-toxic cooking
  • Hard anodized vessels
  • Do not tarnish or corrode with years
  • 3.15mm stainless steel handle
  • Black attractive utensil
  • 5 year Guarantee card


  • The saucepan has a label sticker at the bottom. It is hard to remove & clean.

3.  AmazonBasics Non-Stick 5-Piece Cookware Set (Induction and Gas Compatible)

Image showing AmazonBasics 5 piece cookware set which includes Fry pans, saucepans, and Casserole with a lid

It is one of the Best Induction Cookware in India. Being an Indian housewife, you would be loving to cook continental cuisines. So, if you are in love with cooking, then this set is made for you! You will get 2 frying pans, 2 saucepans with a lid, and 1 Casserole with a lid.

The black set is made up of aluminum utensils. It is non-stick induction cookware so food won’t stick to the vessels. The glass lids lock the heat & moisture exclusively. This in turn facilitates even cooking. Moreover, the side handles are so comfortable for flipping the food while cooking.


  • It contains – 2 frying pans (small & big), 2 saucepans with a lid (small & big), and 1 Casserole with a lid
  • Ideal for cooking lunch & dinner for 3-4 family members
  • Sturdy & tough handles
  • Great for cooking Upma, Indian curries, Ghee & oil dishes, custards, sweets, etc


  • There is an Amazon logo on every glass lid which ruins the lid’s transparent & sleek look.
  • However, if you’re not much concerned about the look, you can ignore this minor issue.

4. Prestige Omega Gold Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Milk Pan, 160mm/1.5 litres, Metallic Red

Image showing Prestige Red Aluminum milk pan which is one of the best induction cookware in India

‘jo biwi se kare pyaar woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar’! The statements are true!  Prestige has one of the Best Induction Cooktop Utensils in India. This Prestige cookware is an attractive Red Aluminum milk pan.

It is PFOA free which allows safer cooking. You can boil water & milk in it. The handle is durable. It is made from heat-resistant materials which allows convenience while carrying. After cooking, make sure that you clean it up with soapy water to impede oil deposition.


  • It contains – 1 Aluminum milk pan
  • Non-stick pan
  • Soft touch & heat resistant handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 years warranty


  • Milk spills from sides as reported by some customers

5. Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Lifetime Induction Base Sauce Pan, 240mm, Black

Image showing Prestige round-based saucepan

Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliance brand. It is another best cookware for induction cooktop India from Prestige. This hard anodized saucepan comes with a unique round shape. It has 2 oversized side handles that help you off the pan when cooking is done. The side handles and knob are also heat-resistant. So, you can handle the cookware with safety.


  • It contains – 1unique round-shape Saucepan
  • Glass lid
  • Perfect for cooking continental Pulao or Biryani, North-Indian gravies, South-Indian Rasam, Maharashtrian Sheera, etc
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Wide base for even cooking


  • On high flame, you have to keep stirring. Otherwise, food particles will stick to the Kadhai/pan.

6. Prestige Omega Special Pack (3 piece BYK set, both Gas Stove & Induction compatible)

Image showing Prestige cookwares which are compatible for induction cooktops & gas stoves

If you’re looking for an all-in-one cooking set, then you must buy this! It is the best non stick induction cookware in India. The set includes 1 Frypan, 1 Kadhai with a lid, and 1 Tawa. The best part is that it is compatible with both induction cooktop & gas stove. Moreover, it has three non-stick layers.

The Kadhai is perfect to cook Navaratna korma, kofta curry, Kadai paneer, etc. Also, the frying pan is ideal for frying french fries, bread rolls, etc. Omni Tawa is great for making South-Indian Dosa, Aloo Parathas, Chapati, etc.


  • It contains – 1 Fry pan, 1 Kadhai with a lid, and 1 Tawa
  • 3 non-stick layers
  • Sturdy long handles
  • Compatible with Induction cooktops as well as Gas stoves


  • You cannot cook acidic food items or cook over high heat

7. Pigeon by Stovekraft Carlo Induction Base Aluminium Cookware Gift Set, 4-Pieces, Red

Image showing Pigeon by Stovekraft induction cookware in Red color

Pigeon is another best induction kadai in India. It includes 1 Aluminum Red Tawa, 1 Red Frypan, and 1 Red Kadai with a glass lid. All the utensils are metal spoon-friendly. Also, it is PFOA-free certified. The sturdy handles are long enough to get a good grip.


  • It contains – 1 Red Tawa, 1 Frying pan, 1 Kadai with glass lid
  • Teflon coating
  • PFOA-free certified
  • Strong handles
  • 1 year warranty


  • Requires soft sponge for cleaning to avoid scratches

8. Sowbaghya Ultima Induction Base Cookware

: Image showing Stainless steel induction cookware by Sowbaghya

It is also one of the best induction base cookware in India. The cookware set includes 1 milk pan and 1 cooking pot with a lid. The cooking pot has long oversized handles. Also, the milk pan has a long handle to avoid getting burned by carrying the hot pan.


  • It contains – 1 milk pan & 1 cooking pot with a lid
  • Stainless steel cookware
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Silver induction base


  • None

9. BRILLIANT Aluminium Nonstick Cookware Set, 4 Piece (Diamond Gold)

Image showing BRILLIANT Aluminum cookwares which are one of the best induction cookwares in India

It is another Best Induction Utensils in India. This cookware set is superbly stylish. It is a diamond gold cookware set. The set includes 1 Kadai with a glass lid, 1 Dosa Tawa, 1 Frypan, 1 Spatula, and 1 scrubber. Also, it is a dishwasher-friendly utensil.


  • It contains – 1 Kadai with a glass lid, 1 Dosa Tawa, 1 Fry pan, 1 Spatula, and 1 scrubber
  • Uses very less oil for cooking
  • Non-sticky utensils


  • The utensil size is a little smaller than regular ones

10. Pigeon by Stovekraft Basics

Image showing Pink Pigeon by Stovekraft Basics

This is another best induction cookware for health in India from Pigeon. The set includes 1 Dosa TawaKadai with a glass lid, and Fryingpan. This pink set will add up the beauty as well as utility to your kitchen! The spiral non-stick base facilitates even cooking. All the utensils are PFOA-free, non-toxic, and light in weight.


  • It contains – 1 Dosa Tawa, Kadai with glass lid, and Fry pan
  • 5 layer coating of Italian technology
  • Non-stick cookwares
  • 1 year warranty


  • Cannot cook acidic foods like Tomatoes, Vinegar, etc. Also, avoid cooking on high flames


To conclude, all utensils are the Best Induction Cookware in India. You have to select the one that suits your kitchen needs. Read our buying guide presented above to make the best decision.

We have made this list with good research & analysis and utmost sincerity to help you buy the best. However, before buying, we suggest you be an informed buyer. Do your final research to meet your needs and buy the best.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Why should you Buy Induction Cookware?

Answer: Induction cooktops require flat base cookware. You cannot use gas stove cookware as they have around the bulging bottom.

Q2. What is non-toxic Induction Cookware?

Answer: Non-toxic cookware is one that does not react & mix with food while cooking. So, it helps you cook healthy food.

Q3. Which material is Best for Buying Induction Cookware?

Answer: You can buy stainless steel induction cookware as it does not easily react with food contents while cooking.

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