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Nowadays, Getting tasty and enjoyable food has been made quick, simple, and effective by induction cookers so it is very important to select the right Best Induction Cooktop India for your family.

The most fascinating thing about the induction cooker is its portability. One can switch it from one position to another quickly.

The induction cooktop even prevents your hand from being burnt. It would not heat up if you put your hand on the cooktop.

With its marvelous innovation, Induction Cooktops Saves both time and energy and allows you to cool without making much effort.

Moreover, Induction cookers are proving to be more beneficial in terms of safety measures than LPG gas stoves.

The market is full of numerous brands and models of induction cookers, so it is very difficult to choose the best one for your daily cooking needs.

We have enlisted some of the best induction cooktops for you after extensive analysis based on their specifications, the feedback of the buyer, function, and other significant variables.

Best Induction Cooktop India

S.No.Product NamePrice
1.Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 2000-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
2.Philips Viva HD4928/01 2100Check on Amazon
3.iBELL Castor VEGA058Y 2000W Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
4.Usha Cook Joy (3820) 2000-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
5.Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
6.Preethi Excel Plus 117 1600-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
7.Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
8.Pigeon 1800-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
9.Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon
10.Prestige PIC 2.0 V2 2000-Watt Induction CooktopCheck on Amazon

Top10 Best Induction Cooktop India

In modern, smart homes, these induction cooktops are now gaining popularity. If you are also looking for an induction cooktop then We have listed the Top10 Best Induction Cooktop India while keeping every aspect in mind.

1. Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop


This Induction Cooker is another fantastic Prestige product. This induction cooktop is robust and powerful, making it one of the most reliable appliances on this list.

If you happen to get nervous around the fire and you feel like it stops you from discovering your inner chef, then you certainly need to try this best induction cooker.

You can toggle the child lock function of this cooktop if you have kids at your house.

The Dual Heat Sensors are a special function of the product. It will sense the boiling pot temperature and regulate the level of heat accordingly.

That avoids overheating of food and helps conserve electricity. The Automatic Keep Warm feature makes it easier for you to keep your food warm for a long time.

Also, this cooktop automatically controls power and temperature based on various cooking specifications.

As a consequence, it allows you to cook more effectively.

To protect the induction cooktop from voltage fluctuation issues, this induction cooktop has an Automatic Voltage Regulator which safeguards the system caused by voltage fluctuations and maintains its longevity. It is no doubt one of the Best Induction Cooktop India.

  • Soft-touch and highly sensitive buttons
  • It has preset menu options for Indian food
  • It has an automatic voltage regulator
  • It has a unique dual-heat sensor
  • Durable build quality and Sleek design
  • Supports child lock features
  • It has manual temperature control
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Consumes more power

2. Philips Viva HD4928/01 2100

Philips Viva HD4928/01 2100


In the world of home electronic appliances, Philips is a well-known brand. This induction cooktop is also a well-known product of Philips.

It is a best-selling induction cooktop in India that comes with a trendy microcrystal plate. It is small and lightweight, making it ideal for every kitchen.

Without any difficulty, you can comfortably position it in any corner. The 1.2-meter-long power cord gives ample versatility to shift the cooktop if required.

It has a manual mode that allows you to manipulate the heat settings according to your needs. There are plenty of cooking modes as well.

The best thing is that there are 6 preset menus in the induction cooker, so you do not need to change the time and temperature.

You can also set a time according to your convenience. Compared to LPG gas, this induction cooktop improves the cooking experience and makes it easier and faster.

Philips also takes care of the environment and makes the Indian kitchen eco-friendly.

Both of these features allow you to have complete control over your unit, making it much more useful and risk-free than any cooktop operated by LPG.

It comes with a year’s warranty, and if you are looking for anything trustworthy and secure, you can certainly try it out.

  • 24 hours preset timer function for delayed cooking
  • 6 pre-set menu
  • 0 to 3 hr time set
  • Microcrystal plate
  • Comes 1.2-meter power cord
  • It comes with an Auto-off feature.
  • Cool-to-touch surface cooks foods safely
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • Slightly noisy
  • Consume more power

3. iBELL Castor VEGA058Y 2000W Induction Cooktop

iBELL Castor VEGA058Y 2000W Induction Cooktop


Ibell is well-recognized for making high-quality electrical and electronic products. Ibell Induction cooktops have made impressive popularity in India in a much shorter time.

The brand is well known for providing reasonably priced high-quality goods. Ibell induction cookers are highly powerful and aim to have perfect efficiency in terms of food power intake and cooking.

At the time of unexpected power spikes, the implementation of voltage control technologies guarantees protection for the system.

It also has an auto-shut feature that shuts off the cooktop automatically when not in use. The auto power management mechanism regulates the power supply.

This prevents any accident and injury is avoided by this feature. Smart technology facilitates the automated change of temperature and time with less energy consumption and makes it extremely energy efficient.

In the LED display, the specified time and temperature are shown.

Using the soft-touch button function, these functions can be manually modified to promote the functioning and usability of the unit.

These buttons also block water from entering the machine through it.

  • Additional 6 months warranty on registration
  • It has an Auto Shut Off Safety feature
  • It features an overheat protection function
  • Multi Cooking Functions
  • Crystal Glasstop
  • Wide Voltage Adaptability
  • It comes with a lengthy cable cord
  • Budget-friendly
  • Average product quality
  • Fewer features than others
  • Does Not include preset menus

4. Usha Cook Joy (3820) 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop

Usha Cook Joy (3820) 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop


Usha is a well-known brand of kitchen appliances. This Usha Induction Cooktop comes with 2000 watts of electricity.

Thanks to its sleek and sophisticated nature, this induction cooktop looks very trendy. This item comes with surge protection that prevents the system from surging in voltage.

It’s lightweight and compact, which makes it ideal for people staying away from home like in hostels or PGs. In your house, you can have it, too, but the students are its main audience.

A temperature regulator allows the amount of heat you choose to provide to your food. The auto-power saving mode senses the absence of the cookware on its board, it goes into energy-saving mode.

So, it will save energy and money and prevent injuries such as burns from happening.

This cooktop’s surface is anti-skid. It means the vessels are not going to drop on their top. With large features and inexpensive rates, it is one of India’s best induction cookers.

A warranty of 1 year is provided with the product.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Many cooking options are available
  • The auto on and off feature is loaded
  • The quality to price ratio is a bit high
  • Surge protection
  • Indian Preset menus
  • Feather-touch LED Display
  • 1-year product warranty
  • No cons

5. Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop


Havels is also one of India’s trusted brands, which has a strong reputation for its service and product quality at an affordable price.

It is another successful product from Havells, specially built and crafted for India. Six different cooking modes:

This product is configured with six different cooking modes, each of which can be triggered simply by pressing the soft buttons on the control panel.

It has many automated features, including automatic identification of the plate, automatic shut-off feature, and automatic power-off feature at high temperatures for safety.

You can control anything in it quite a bit; the buttons are wide and smooth. It has a digital LED display that displays a four-digit temperature count.

It makes cooking safe and easy-to-use advanced technologies.

The automated shut-off feature uses less power and avoids the burning of fuel. It is perfect and looks elegant and lightweight for new kitchens.

By pressing the auto timer feature, you can set the timer for up to 3 hours. It comes with different cooking functions and absorbs very little energy, which is a great cash value.

  • Strong built quality
  • 6 Pre-set menus
  • Auto pan detection feature
  • Automatic switch-off at high temperature
  • Digital LED display for easy operation
  • The timer function of 3 hours
  • No turned on notification sound
  • The power cord sometimes tends to become loose

6. Preethi Excel Plus 117 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Preethi Excel Plus 117 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop


This induction cooktop comes from a reputable manufacturer that sells at reasonable prices numerous kitchen appliances.

The brand is well known for providing products of high quality. For a modern kitchen, this is one of the innovatively built appliances.

The large heating base also helps to accommodate large-based vessels. In your kitchen and even on the dining table, the long chord duration gives you comfort.

It can survive very high temperatures with high-quality ceramic plates, thereby making it incredibly durable. By minimizing the heat loss, it radiates 84 percent of heat to the container.

An automatic shut-off mechanism is also possible, meaning that the device uses less electricity compared to some.

It absorbs 1600 watts of power. You get a guarantee of 1 year with this product. The stylish Black theme of touchpads looks incredibly desirable and smooth.

It’s one of the Best Induction Cooktop India, but make sure that the flat bottom vessel is used.

  • Safe and easy to operate
  • It has High-Quality Ceramic Plate
  • Comes with a 1-year Warranty
  • 8 Indian Preset menus
  • Energy Efficient and sleek Design
  • It has a Larger Heating Base
  • Comes with a lengthy cord
  • Energy efficient
  • Little noisy
  • Some people complain about its touch panels or buttons

7. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop


In the Indian market, Bajaj is a well-known company. This Bajaj induction cooker is made of crystal glass and sprayed to prevent cockroaches with anti-insecticide gel and ants from spoiling the meal.

The pre-set menus decrease cooking hassle dramatically and allow you to cook more quicker. Due to its high-power wattage rate, the Bajaj ICX 7 also has an excellent heating range.

In addition to this, it also has power-saving features and different protection protocols that can provide consumers with added benefits.

The unit will be switched off in 1 minute if you remove the cooking pot from the induction oven. It eliminates the wastage of energy and keeps power bills down.

This glass can withstand large loads. Without thinking, you may put huge pots on it, and it is not likely to crack.

The sleek black glass also helps the commodity look more luxurious, which will certainly increase your kitchen’s appeal.

Without making any modifications, the elegant and trendy style will blend into your kitchen decor. It was built cleverly and efficiently to satisfy your cooking fervor and your love of food.

  • Supports flat and ferromagnetic nature materials
  • Auto Shut Off feature prevents energy wastage
  • Delay timer, and a power switch
  • It comes in with a 1-year warranty
  • It has an automatic keep warm feature,
  • The sleek design enhances the looks of you the kitchen
  • It has 8 different preset menus
  • Pan detection is not sensitive enough
  • Does not have a touch panel

8. Pigeon 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Pigeon 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop


Pigeon is renowned for the manufacture of high-quality kitchen appliances. By offering premium goods at low prices, they are ruling the market.

The sleek design and competitive price make this induction cooktop one of the best induction cooktops in India.

The product will provide you with more productivity with the assistance of Dual Heat Sensor Technology.

That enables you to cook more quickly and effectively. It comes with an Auto Turn Off feature that automatically turns off the cooktop when not in use.

This makes the system more energy efficient by eliminating excessive energy wastage.

The LED Display shows all the required configuration details to you, which makes it more convenient to use.

This product is built with high-quality materials that ensure durability and protects you from any accidents.

It also increases the décor of your kitchen because of its beautiful design and excellent quality.

  • Easy to operate
  • The Auto Switch Off feature prevents wastage of energy
  • LED Display
  • Preset Menus included
  • Great built quality.
  • Dual Heat Sensor Technology
  • Consumes more electricity
  • Not compatible with all kitchen utensils

9. Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop


Prestige is one of India’s best-seller brands. It manufactures products that are durable as well as reliable.

It is incorporated with the new advanced technologies and dual heat sensors that, by monitoring the power supply, automatically detect the temperature and monitor it.

This feature saves energy and thus reduces power bills. It also saves overheating of the system.

The electronic control system, fully operating, automatically regulates the power and temperature for various cooking processes. It is simple to manage and clean.

This makes it the best Indian induction cooktop. The anti-magnetic wall blocks the passage of flux through the cooker effectively and makes it more energy-efficient.

This appliance has a whistle sensor for the pressure cooker that records the number of whistles and then goes into the mode of Automatic Keep Warm.

The dual heat sensor prevents overheating of your induction cooktop. It changes the power and temperature to ensure successful cooking, depending on the meal.

  • Pre-set menus
  • Presence of various sensors to improve efficiency
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Touch control panel with Soft-touch buttons
  • Dual heat sensors
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Automatic Whistle Counter
  • Suitable for iron vessels
  • Heavy body
  • controls are not very user-friendly

10. Prestige PIC 2.0 V2 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 2.0 V2 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop


There would be at least one Prestige product in every Indian kitchen. This induction cooktop consists of a side air vent with a micro-glass crystal panel.

Through an anti-magnetic side, the induction allows hassle-free washing to keep the utensils from being trapped on it.

Electromagnetic technology fastens cooking while providing a lot of comfort for the homemaker.

This appliance has easy-to-understand cooking controls that can be learned easily by even a kid and the sleek style makes this kitchen appliance a delight to look at.

The power-saver system ensures that the vessel’s temperature is controlled and the power level is modified depending on the vessel’s size.

This induction cooktop has been created by Prestige specifically keeping the Indian cooking trends in mind.

Just the middle of the plate is heated by smart technologies and the cooktop features an aerodynamic cooling system.

The cooktop is simple to manage and assured by the presence of soft-touch buttons for timer adjustment.

The automated voltage regulator defends the appliance from spikes in electricity. Precautionary features such as automatic shut-down are often featured in the appliance whenever the appliance is switched off and not in operation.

Simple management is one of the most important bonuses. Prestige is giving a warranty of 1 year on this induction cooker.

  • It has an auto-voltage regulator
  • Aerodynamic cooling feature
  • Presence of the anti-magnetic wall area
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Soft push buttons
  • Less power consumption
  • Loaded with Indian Cooking Menus
  • Creates noise

Things to Consider for Buying an Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for a detailed guide for buying an Induction cooktop, then you have arrived in the right place.

You’ll find the best Induction cooktop to purchase in India here. We have covered all the points you need to consider before buying the best induction cooktop in India.

Auto Switch Off Feature

To let you know when the cooktop automatically goes off during overheating and voltage fluctuations, the auto switch-off function is critical.

Really, this feature makes the life of a cooktop longer and more robust. So when buying an induction cooktop, don’t forget this.

Energy efficiency

The power usage must be as small as possible, but the heating efficiency of the cooker must not be compromised by it.

An induction must then have the ability to handle the power in such a manner that when a given task or procedure is complete, the power immediately decreases.


A lot of cooktops allow you to compare food after setting a certain time. This will encourage you to do other household tasks while you cook the meal.


When acquiring a decent product, the size of the induction cooktop is highly important. If you do not have the right space, you can not hold a cooktop.

Therefore, if you have less room in your kitchen, you ought to opt for a compact, space-saving cooktop.

Induction Coil Quality

The quality of your induction coil helps to heat the pan more quicker and rapidly cook the meal. Other than that, it also means that the lifetime of your induction cooker is greater.

A low-quality heating coil is easily damaged and would therefore be of no benefit to the product.

Touch Controls

A touch screen pane comes with most of the induction cooking top. In so many different ways, Touch Functionality makes the product much easier to use.

You can use the system with minimal effort, and it also looks very elegant and elegant.

Child Locks

The risk is not as big as a gas cooker, but you also don’t want the little ones to play with hot pots, so look for this safety function.

With child protection mode, except for the power button, the cooktop may become unstable. This is why unintended injury and hurt should be avoided.

Auto-Pan Detection

Pan Detection is a feature that causes your cooktop to turn on automatically when you have a pan on your cooktop.

If you bring in an incompatible pan or delete a cooking pan from the cooking region, it immediately detects the function and stops operations.

Overflow Protection

In the event of any spillage or boiling of liquids such as milk, soups, and other items that are more likely to leak out of the bottle or utensil, leak security ultimately helps.

This unique function would help prevent liquids from overflowing. It also removes disruption to your control panel and avoids mishaps of some sort.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Why Induction cooktop better than an LPG stove?

Induction cooking is much faster and safer as compared to an LPG stove. It is more energy-efficient and safe to use. Also, an induction cooktop is portable and very easy to maintain.

What type of utensils can be used on an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktop works on the electromagnetic principle that’s why it can only work with appliances made of either steel or Iron. so You can not use utensils made from Copper and aluminum.

Is induction cooking safe for health?

There is no harm to health by cooking on an induction cooktop.

How does an induction cooktop save money?

The induction cooktop is designed with power-saving technologies. Its sensors sense the temperature and control the power supply automatically. And that’s how it minimizes the supply of energy to save it.

Are Induction cooktops difficult to use?

The induction cooktops are very user friendly and easy to use.


An induction cooker will allow you more control over cooking various kinds of foods that are much harder to make on an LPG stove.

It is more stable and hassle-free, easy to manage, and easy to carry.

There are more than hundreds of induction cookers available on the market, but choosing an induction cooktop would not be easy.

So, we have come up with a list of Best Induction Cooktop India to help you find the right cooker for your household.

Depending on your budget and preference, you can buy any of the Induction Cooktops that suit you the most.

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