Is Automatic Gas Stove Safe? | What You Need to Know

A kitchen without a gas stove is like a computer without a processor. This implies that kitchens are said to be incomplete without a gas stove. Due to this fact, gas stoves are in huge demand in every Indian household. Taking that advantage, various brands across the market are trying to bring some advancement to the gas stoves to catch more attention. But, based on ignition mode, gas stoves can be majorly classified into two main types – manual and automatic. However, one doubt that arises in everyone’s mind is that “Is Automatic Gas Stove safe to use?”

To clear that confusion, we have designed this article or guide. So, take out 2 minutes of your time and read this through the end to get this cleared. When people plan to buy gas stoves, they check the major thing is the type of ignition. And, nowadays automatic ignition gas stoves have become quite popular among consumers.

Since automatic gas stoves don’t require a matchstick or lighter to ignite, many of you may think that it is unsafe to use. However, is it so really? We will find it out here, but first, let us go through the basics and learn about automatic gas stoves.

What is an Automatic Gas Stove?

Gas stoves that feature automatic ignition systems for lighting them up are known as automatic gas stoves. An automated Ignition system refers to a process that automatically lightens up the burners when the knob is turned on without the need for matchsticks or lighters.

Isn’t it much more flexible and convenient to use!

Usually, spark igniters are utilized in the automatic gas stoves that enable the burners to lighten up. Once the knob is turned ON, the gas supply turns on automatically. The working mechanism of these auto-ignition gas stoves is quite simple, and there are two main ways to work.

The two basic ways are with the help of batteries or an in-built system that triggers the auto-ignition facility.

The battery-operated automatic gas stoves feature a push button that you need to switch on. Various spark plugs are attached to the batteries present under the burners. These spark plugs are the major source for creating sparks inside every burner, which ignite the gas coming out of the burners. There is a downside of these variants: you need to replace the battery at regular intervals. But, they are much cheaper.

Some automatic gas stoves are equipped with an in-built ignition system and require no batteries, although the mechanism is almost the same. The higher-end gas stove models mainly feature this type of auto-ignition system. You don’t need to change the battery since they don’t need them offering you more convenience. However, the price of these gas stoves is quite higher.

Is Automatic Gas Stove safe? | Safety Guidelines

As discussed earlier, automatic gas stoves require you to push a button or turn a knob for ignition. Unlike the traditional manual gas stoves, you no longer need a matchstick or lighter, which reduces the chances of accidents due to no direct contact with fire. Thus, automatic gas stoves are safer and much attractive.

For ensuring more safety, we have pointed out some safety guidelines that you must follow. Let’s take a look:

  • Always ensure to go through the gas stove manual that you have purchased. These manuals are often ignored, but you need to be cautious about the dos and don’ts of the product before using them.
  • Kindly check the gas pipe and replace them at least twice every year. This will prevent leakage of gas and thereby reduce the possibility of accidents. Besides, it is advised not to place any flammable materials near the gas stoves.
  • Don’t ever forget while cooking, which people make a common mistake. They start doing other things along with cooking increasing the chances of accidents.
  • The most important thing is proper cleaning and maintenance. Perfectly maintaining the gas stoves can help you ensure the safety of the gas stoves. Check here to know How to Clean Gas Stove Pipe.

These are important safety procedures you must follow no matter whether you are using automatic gas stoves or manual ones.

The Uniqueness of Automatic Gas Stoves

The automatic gas stoves are more attractive to the consumers due to their uniqueness, which can be better understood through the differences between auto-ignition and manual ignition gas stoves.

  • The primary difference is the auto-ignition system, as discussed many times in this article. In manual gas stoves, you need an external spark igniter like matchsticks or lighters. Whereas automatic gas stoves don’t need any lighters or matchsticks, they can be ignited by turning a knob or pressing a switch.
  • The safety feature is another big difference that automatic gas stoves are equipped with. The special features of the automated gas stoves like the auto-ignition system and alarm are their main attractions. That’s the reason automatic gas stoves are considered safer than manual gas stoves.
  • Automatic gas stoves also modernize your kitchen due to their looks and features. The maintenance and product costs are higher than the manual ignition gas stoves, but those are lower than the flexibility and convenience they offer.
  • Using automatic gas stoves is much easier than manually ignited gas stoves. Depending on your purchase models, you need to turn a knob or use the push switch to power it ON.

These are the main things that make automatic gas stoves more appealing and a unique variant.

Final Thought

I hope you have liked this entire series and understood why automatic gas stoves are safe. After reading the whole article, you may have got your doubt cleared about ‘Is automatic gas stove safe?”

We have tried to explain that the auto-ignition gas stoves are much safer in different ways. Thanks for staying with us; see you soon in our next guides!

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