How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes – Burners – Grates | A Step-by-Step Guide

Gas stoves play a vital role in cooking. Most of the Indian kitchen never complete without a gas stove. We all love to eat food more because we have many foods while comparing with other countries, especially home foods. Therefore, we are using a gas stove every day 4 to 6 times. In this article, we will see How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes, Burner, Grates.

Using of gas stove more frequently makes your gas stove dirty very easily. It must be clean each day for hygiene cooking. Otherwise, prolonged dirty will become brown stains.

How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes

Gas stove pipe controls flow of gas to the burner from cylinder in order to cook effectively through continuous flame. Due to bending of pipe or using same pipe long term makes pipe spoil and greasy easily, sometime it develops crack at end of connecting points.

To rectify this issue gas pipes are must wash frequently. You have to check the pipe at least once in three months to replace the gas stove pipe.

Lemon Juice with Backing Soda:

Lemon is the natural cleaner; it works well with baking soda, Lemon can remove all greasy in the stove pipe and baking soda for removing solid particles.

Required Materials:

  • Water
  • Medium size bowl
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge brush
  • Kitchen towel

Method to clean:

  • Turn off the cylinder and detach pipe from the cylinder to gas stove completely. Then fold gas stove pipe like coil shape and put into the bowl.
  • Mix lemon juice with water pour into bowl. Make sure this mixture is above the pipe. It should be submerged fully.
  • Keep at this condition for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • You have to close opening end of both side of pipe using your thumb. Take the pipe and shake well then after remove the water from the pipe.
  • Now scrub well around the pipe with sponge brush.
  • Next step is to mix required amount of baking soda with water, make it like paste.
  • Take small quantity of paste on sponge brush and scrub around the pipe. Do like this complete pipe.
  • Clean the pipe with water well and wipe gently using kitchen towel. At the end, you can see the gas stove pipe.

From the above steps, you know now how to clean gas stove pipes.

Preparing Gas Stove for Cleaning

Before cleaning the gas stove’s all parts, make sure the cylinder is turned off for safe clean, better disconnect cylinder to pipe connection.

Wait until gas stove burners cool down if it is used just before. Remove the grates and burners. Put inside the hot water for 20 minutes.

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Methods to Clean Gas Stoves

Easy and Quick Cleaning Method:

This method is a very old and easy method. You only need soapy water, a kitchen towel and a scrub brush. Before start to a clean gas stove, take a half bucket of water and mix a few drops of dish wash liquid.

How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes

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Now remove gas stove top grates and burners. Soak them with soapy water for an hour. At this time, put a few drops of dish wash over the gas stove and rub strongly with a scrub brush initially. After that, wet the kitchen towel with water, clean the body of the gas stove.

At the moment, take soaked gas stovetop grate and burners from water. Scrub well with a brush, make sure burners holes are unclogged while brushing. Wipe both with a dry towel and fix over the gas stove. This method is old and very easy to do.

Deep Cleaning Method:

Following requirements are needed for deep cleaning of gas stove and burner,

  1. White vinegar
  2. Steel sponge
  3. Dish soap
  4. Kitchen towel
  5. Tooth brush

Cleaning Burners:

To clean burners, remove burners from the stove and keep them in a small bowl. Pour white vinegar until an above level of the burner. Vinegar smell not comfortable for some people, so doing this in an open area is best. Keep this for one hour. For the best result, please keep it for one night. After that, remove vinegar from the bowl. You can see now rust over the burner becomes softer.

Initially, scrub the burner with a steel sponge, which can remove all the soft rust over the burner. After that, take a small amount of dish soap on a steel sponge, rub it again over the burner. Rub well over the burner holes with a toothbrush, which will unclog the burner hole. At last, this method will remove all the rust and make the burner completely clean.

Cleaning Grates:

Sink burner grates and soak in hot water for a half-hour. At this time, the maximum oily stains will remove.

The next step is to take dish soap on a steel sponge, rub it over the burner grate. Finally, rinse well the burner grate.

Cleaning Body Part:

Before cleaning the gas stove body, mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water. Sprinkle this mixer over the gas stove body and clean with a kitchen towel.

Cleaning of Hop Top:

Cleaning of hop top requires extra care than the cleaning of a gas stove. For instance, to clean water beneath of gas stove easily clean by removing stands. Unlike in Hop Top, if water enters into burners, it will stop throwing flame. You have to call the company person to repair this.

Whenever substances like sugar, salt fall on the Hop Top’s surface, clean it immediately with a wet kitchen towel. Especially do not use steel sponge over the hop top. It can damage the surface.

Tips to Keep a Gas Stove Clean

How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes

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  • Due to cook every day, spill falls over the gas stove. It must be clean after the cook every time. Clean it with a kitchen towel using hot water.
  • Dry the gas stove after cleaning and before using it again.
  • Check the burner holes. Because the burner’s clogging will lead to severe damage. If it is clogged, you can see the irregular flames. So, please turn off the gas stove wait for 20 minutes until it cools down. Then spray with soapy water over the burner and carefully clean it with a toothbrush for long-lasting life.
  • Keep an additional kitchen towel always in the kitchen.
  • Clean under the gas stove every day.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What is the easiest way to clean a gas stove?

The easiest way to clean a gas stove is by mixing hot water with soapy water. Spray this with a gas stove over all areas. After that, clean it with a kitchen towel.

Q2. How do you deep clean a gas stove burner?

Deep cleaning means cleaning all parts of the gas stove deeply. We already explained the above in detail how to clean deeply. Kindly check it.

Q3. How do you get brown stains off a gas stove?

We can use white vinegar with water paste to remove brown stains over the gas stove. It is a very effective method.

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