Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India? | Finding the Ideal Cooking Companion

Buying a gas stove or Induction Hob is the most challenging decision ever! Gas stoves, being traditional, may seem convenient. Yet, induction hobs come with futuristic features that make them the best choice. The answer is that you must learn Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India?

While reading this post, do not jump to quick conclusions. Consider your kitchen size, cooking requirements and ease of use, price range, maintenance affordability, and more before buying one. So, read this guide till the end. Discover which is a better gas stove or induction hob. Be an informed buyer and make a more practical decision. Check here if you are looking for Best Gas Stove in India.

So, let’s get into this comparative guide.

Which is Better, Gas Stove or Hob in India?

There are various factors to consider. You can go through all these points. Reading after, you can decide what to better gas stove or hob.

Auto Ignition Gas Stove Problems


Conventional gas stoves limit their functions, and you get two or three burners with On and Off buttons. Also, you can turn the flame to low, medium, or high.

When compared to an induction hob, you get a lot of functionality features. One receives an auto-ignition feature which lights the burner automatically. Also, there are multiple burners, up to five or six. So, you can cook various cuisines simultaneously.
Different cuisines require different cooking temperatures. An induction hob comes with multi-frame burners. So, you can adjust the flame accordingly.

Aesthetic Appeal

A traditional gas stove has a standalone body, and it is set up in the kitchen and is freely moving. The gas pipeline is making the kitchen look bulky. Especially in compact modular kitchens, gas stoves do not match the look.

An induction hob is a modern innovation! It has a sleek appearance. The hob is fitted by taking out the slab of the kitchen countertop. So, it appears to be flat, elevating the kitchen look. Tempered glass or ceramic finish suits the contemporary style kitchens.

So, which is a better gas stove or hob? In our opinion, hobs are best when it comes to design.

Installation process

It is easy to install a gas stove. As it is free-standing, you require connecting it with a gas cylinder. After that, you’re good to cook good food.

Speaking about induction hobs, they are a bit trickier to install. Firstly, we need to cut the slab of the kitchen top counter. Fix the hob and make the wiring work. A professional can install the induction hob accurately inside your kitchen.

Cooking time required

A gas stove cooks faster when compared to induction hobs, and an induction hob burner runs on European style. So, the flame is slow, which increases the cooking time, and that’s the con.

Yet, if you are a cooking lover, you would love to cook over the hob. As you can control the flame, you can cook recipes accordingly. Some recipes require heat control to cook sumptuous food, and you can do so with an induction hob!

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove

Pan support over hob

Which is a better gas stove or hob in India? Well, to learn, you need to ensure the correct pan support. Make sure that you use flat cookware over the hob. Also, look at whether the hob provides good pan support or not. Try out various branded hobs. Doing so, you can select the hob that offers optimal pan support. So, you get value for money!

Maintenance cost & care

A gas stove can be flipped over to clean the spilled food, and you can quickly move it around for cleaning purposes.

On the other hand, you can wipe the induction hob with a damp sponge, and it will remove all the stains and spill marks. You can use light soapy water for in-depth cleaning and not use harsh cleansers.

On typical days, take care not to spill over water or liquid near burners, which will damage the hob. You’ll be required to call an expert immediately.

Repair & replacement

The replacement is tedious as you remove the kitchen slab to fit the hob. The next time you install a bigger hob, you must cut the slab again. Fitting and repair can be expensive if the issue is significant, and otherwise, you might require routine service.


Price factor

Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India? Let’s look at it from a pricing perspective.

A gas stove is generally priced like others, and it is a low-cost thing in a nutshell! So, it is suitable for smaller kitchens, and a modern kitchen looks aesthetic with an induction hob.

Induction hobs are a new technology, so they are expensive! The reason is the functionality and modern design. Also, it runs on electricity, so it saves your coal and gas costs.

Other factors

There are a few other factors to be considered. Sometimes, it might cause trouble when there is load-shedding. As hobs run on electricity, you require power. Yet, it’s a minor issue as many have electricity at any hour of the day these days.

The second thing to consider is to keep the hob away from children. With the child lock feature, you can assure safety. While you cook, the knobs are easier to reach. So, better keep an eye on it! Do not let the child come near the flame. The rest all is excellent with an induction hob!

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop 4


So, Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India? Well, anyone can be helpful to you. If you prefer low-cost maintenance and installation, go for gas stoves. If you aspire to have a modular-look kitchen, go for an induction hob. Also, if you’re a chef or love to cook, you must buy an induction hob. You get to play & experiment with lots of modern features. By way of which, you can cook yummilicious cuisines.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Do induction hobs have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, many induction hob manufacturers offer a warranty period. So, you’re safe to make a purchase. 

Q2. Is the hob safe for children?

Answer: Neither gas stove nor hob is safe for children. Keep the hob out of reach from the children while cooking. You do not need to worry much when you’re not cooking or failing to turn off the flame. This is because the hob turns the flame off automatically with an auto-off feature. 

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