Induction Cooktop Problems and Solutions | A Comprehensive Guide

An Induction cooktop has made the lives easier for many! If compared with gas stoves, Induction Cooktops are more energy-efficient. No matter how useful an appliance is, it ought to malfunction at times. Yet, reading this guide, you will discover solutions to it. In this post, we have covered common Induction Cooktop Problems and Solutions.

Does your induction cooker automatically turn off? Is it making a beep sound continuously? Or else is the menu panel not responding to touch? Be it any problem; you will get the solution to most in this guide. You do not require to call the expert right away! With these simple solutions, you can sort the issues instantly.

So, let’s dive deep into the guide.

Reasons why your Induction Cooktop is not working

woman cooking food evenly in right cookware which is placed rightly over the induction stove

There could arise a number of problems. Here are possible solutions to it.

Problem 1: Induction Cooker not detecting pan


For easy detection, your pan must be compatible with an induction cooker. Regular stoves require different kinds of utensils. On an induction stove, you need to place pans with a flat bottom. Also, if a magnet sticks to the cookware bottom, then it is induction-compatible.

Along with this, the pan size also matters. If the base diameter is too short or too big, the induction does not detect the pan. These are the most common induction cooktop problems and solutions. So, choose the right pan that fits perfectly on the induction cooker.

Problem 2: Abruptly shuts off while cooking


There are many possible reasons behind it.

● You have kept the automatic turn off button on

Induction cooktops come with this smart feature! If the cooker has reached its maximum cooking limit, then it automatically turns off. This feature avoids induction overheating.


● You do not place the utensil at all or place it incorrectly

Induction cooker turns off when it does not detect the cooking vessel. Where the gas burner flame keeps going out, the induction stove stops immediately.

So, make sure that you place the right utensil correctly over the stove.

● The cooker’s internal temperature reaches the maximum limit

When the cooktop is overheating, it turns off. This happens when the sensor detects extreme heat inside the machine. The feature is designed from a safety perspective. So, it’s good to take a break and turn on the induction after a while.

Problem 3: Induction stove not turning on


● Installation issues

Is your induction new and it’s not turning on? If yes, then there could be setting up issues. You can solve these Induction cooktop problems and solutions in minutes. The reason being it is a minor issue. Check the voltage to ensure that there is a right distribution. Also, check if there is any circuit overload. Make it right and your cooktop will start running.

● Other issues

If there is any other issue, you can also reset the cooktop. Sometimes, the cause is unknown, restarting the cooker might work. Simply, turn off the cooktop for a few minutes and again turn it on.

Try the above options. If it’s still not turning on, call the technician.

Induction Cooktop Problems 3

Problem 4: Stove sensor not responding

You’re putting cookware on the cooktop and it’s not detecting it? Also, you’re using the right cookware. If yes, then the problem is with your sensor.

In this case, you can simply turn off the device and set it on. It could help the sensors work as before.

Problem 5: Cooktop making noise

Sometimes, you will hear noises from the cooktop.

 Fan noise

After you cook using an induction, it is generally heated up. A fan runs inside the cooker which cools down the stove. So, you do not need to worry. The sound will stop once the cooktop is completely cool. It’s basically not a part of Induction cooktop problems and solutions. The fan noise you hear is a functionality that cooktops possess.

● Soft humm sound

You might also hear a humming sound in silence. To stop this noise, you need to turn on the induction lock feature. Always switch on this auto-lock feature when the stove is not in use.

● Clicking noise

Whenever you put a utensil on the ceramic plate, you will hear this clicking.

It is a feature of the cooktop that beeps as a sign of utensil recognition.

Induction Cooktop Problems 4

Problem 6: Menu display not responding to touch

Sometimes, you’re operating menu modes but they aren’t responding. The reasons could be one of these.

Your induction might be turned off. So, switch on the control lock button. If you fail to locate the button, refer to the user manual to follow the steps.

Another reason could be dirt and dust. If the control panel menu is surrounded by dirt, clean it off. The menu sensor will start responding to the touch.

If both the above things do not work, then call the expert technician. The expert will analyze possible Induction cooktop problems and solutions.

Problem 7: Food burned or cooking unevenly

Does the food get overcooked or cook unevenly many times? Here are possible reasons.

At times, you use a cookware which is ultra-light in weight. Such cookwares overcook the cuisine or cook it unevenly. Select the cookwares that have medium weight. Choosing heavy-weight utensils can burn the food at times.

To cook food evenly, you also have to set the right cooktop temperature. Learn at what temperature food cooks perfectly. So, you won’t have to re-alter the temperatures regularly. Moreover, you need to use the ideal settings for making boil, grill, roast, etc.

Induction Cooktop Problems5

Problem 8: LED lights blinking constantly

If LED lights are blinking, it is an alert. Though not a major alert, you must check on it.

Check whether you’ve switched off the cooktop after cooking or not. Also, the LED light flashes if the utensil is not placed over correctly. Make sure that you place the right pan of the right size over the cooker. The LED light also blinks when the pan settings are incorrect.

If nothing works, try restarting the cooker.

Problem 9: Displaying error code

It is one of the common Induction cooktop problems and solutions. Sometimes, the cooktop sensor displays an error code. You need to check the user manual to learn about error codes. Every brand manufacturer uses different signs to display error codes.

Here are common error codes:

E0: It denotes a wrongly-placed cookware. Keep the induction utensil correctly to resolve the error.

E1: It represents an error for a faulty circuit.

E3: It shows the high voltage problem. Make the voltage distribution right. If the problem persists, install the power stabilizer. Or else, you can also consult a technician expert.

E4: It shows the low voltage issue. Follow the steps mentioned in E3.

E5: This error reflects when the ceramic plate on the cooktop is overly heating. Immediately switch off the cooktop. The induction will come back to normal the next time you use it. If the problem is recurrent, then contact the experienced technician.

Problem 10: Induction hob not functioning

Induction cooktops have one burner. One knows how annoying it is when the burner stops working in the middle of cooking! It is one of the ordinary Induction cooktop problems and solutions.

In such cases, you need to open the glass surface. After that, you can examine the wiring structure and copper coils. Make it function properly for the right working of the induction hob.

6Induction Cooktop Problems


To conclude, you can try the above hacks to run the induction cooktop. Still the induction cooker is not working? Then, it’s wise to call an expert. The problem might be with installation, electrical wiring, or other. You can go through the above-listed Induction cooktop problems and solutions.

Also, keep in mind that repairing is not always advisable. While repairing, you may incur high expenses. Labor & replacement costs could be heavy if you counter the warranty period. Under such cases, you must not keep on splurging money.

Before buying, you can compare the repair costs and new equipment costs. This way, you can go for the new cooktop if it’s worth it! Doing so, you get a extended and fresh warranty as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. When is the best time to buy a new cooktop instead of repairing it?

If the repairing costs are higher than a brand-new product, consider purchasing a new one. Sometimes, even if you repair, the guarantee period will expire sooner. So, you can consider buying a new cooktop over the old one.

Q2. How to restart an induction cooktop?

Switch off the circuit breaker for a few moments. After that, please switch it on again to restart the induction cooke

Q3. Why does the induction cooker make a soft humm sound?

If you hear a humming sound from the cooktop, then lock it fully. Turn on the auto-lock feature. You will not hear such humming noise again.

Q4. Are cast-iron cookware right for cooking on inductions?

Cast-iron cookware is heavier in weight. In most cases, these utensils ensure even cooking.

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