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We are reviewing Best Gas Stove Brand in India. How much luxurious home you have there will be a kitchen, of course. And if you have a kitchen, then gas stoves will be the main ruler of that kitchen. Thus, every person across the globe must buy a gas stove for their kitchen besides having an induction or maybe microwave oven because these do not always serve all the purposes.

Now, you may think that gas stoves are a common thing, so you do not have to read anything before buying one. This is not true; there are many things that you should know. And that is why we are here today preparing a full guide for the Best Gas Stove Brands in India.

Also, we will include several other details about the gas stove that you should be aware of. Hence, if you plan to buy a gas stove or upgrade your older one with a new one, you must go through this article to get in and out of knowledge.

No worries, you have opened the right blog, you will get all the answers to your doubts by the end of this article.

Without wasting any more time, let us dive into this article’s main goal that is the Best Gas Stove Brands in India, following which we will discuss several other important factors related to gas stoves.

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List of Best Gas Stove Brand in India 

1. Prestige | Winner Brand of Gas Stoves



  • A varied type and range of products.
  • Various price ranges.
  • Reliable gas stoves.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Sturdy, durable.

For the last 5 decades, if you ask the most trusted brand related to kitchen appliances, then it will be ‘Prestige’ in the first place. This is one of the Best Gas Stove Brand in India. Yes, and gas stoves are not an exception in this regard too. If you want to know the main reason, then two major factors that will come up are quality and durability.

But various other reasons excite you to rely on this brand. Prestige brand offers products on the pillars of safety, innovation, trust that make it the first choice of every home-maker in India. This brand’s gas stoves are very attractive and designed in a special way that makes it easy to use.

It has a wide range of gas stoves among which you can choose from.

2. Butterfly | First Runner-Up of Gas Stove Brands



  • Affordable range to higher range, thus suitable for all buyers.
  • Reliable gas stove.
  • Quality design and attractive.
  • Easy to clean.

Our second choice for the brand of gas stoves is occupied by Butterfly as it is another major choice of Indian home-makers. This brand has planted itself as a popular one in the market of kitchen appliances.

This is the first brand in India to receive the ISO-9001 certification for the manufacture of gas stoves and some other kitchen appliances. So as it can be understood from the certification, the quality provided by this brand is the finest, along with high-quality materials.

So if you want a value for money product of gas stove, then this brand can come on your shortlist of best gas stoves.

3. Glen | Second Runner-Up of Gas Stove Brands

Best Gas Stove Brand in India Glen


  • Mind-blowing look and design.
  • Durable products.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Adequate warranty period.

Want to buy a great and attractive looking gas stove that looks elegant in your modular kitchen? Then the gas stoves of Glen can be one of your choices and perhaps the best one considering the great look of its gas stoves.

Not only looks, but the durability and sturdiness of Glen’s products are also worth it. So Glen offers products that are a combination of aesthetics and superb performance that anyone wants to have.

4. Sunflame | Third Runner-Up of Gas Stove Brands

Best Gas Stove Brand in India Sunflame


  • Brilliant looks.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Efficient performance.

Most of you have heard this brand name since it is one of the popular brands out there in the gas stoves market. When it comes to a variety of models, frankly speaking, Sunflame has a lesser number of models.

But the quality and trust that Sunflame provides for those models are great. It provides both glass top and stainless steel models though it depends on you which one you want.

You can completely rely on this brand concerning performance, safety, or durability.

5. Surya | Fourth Runner-Up of Gas Stove Brands

Surya Best Gas Stove Brand in India


  • Great looks and sleek design.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Efficient performance.

This brand was very popular earlier among the buyers. Although now the sale of the gas stoves from this brand has become less popular, still you can rely on it for the powerful models.

The reason is pretty simple. This is due to the durability and awesome looks of the gas stoves. These are very easy to maintain and designed in a perfect way to suit your kitchen’s looks.

6. Bajaj | Sixth Rank Holder of Gas Stove Brands

Best Gas Stove Brand in India Bajaj


  • Good quality products.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Wide range of gas stoves.
  • Brilliant look and design.

Again, this is a very popular name when it comes to kitchen appliances. Similar to its other products, the gas stoves offer super performance with flawless quality.

Bajaj offers a wide range of gas stoves with different prices that can meet your various budgets. Thus as per your requirements and budget, you can readily go for a gas stove from Bajaj. It will give you the ultimate satisfaction.

7. Kutchina | Seventh Rank Holder of Gas Stove Brands

Kutchina Best Gas Stove Brand in India


  • Built quality is great.
  • Excellent looks.
  • Wide variety of gas stoves.
  • Easy to use.

If you want to get a wide range of gas stoves with varied designs and models, then this brand can be one of your best choices.

The burning quality and material used are excellent for the gas stoves from this brand. It offers one of the trusted and reliable gas stoves that can meet your satisfaction to the fullest.

How to Choose a Perfect Gas Stove in India? | Which Is The Best Gas Stove Brand In India? | Buying Guide

Due to the high demand for gas stoves, there are many brands in India that manufacture gas stoves. So it is somewhat confusing to choose one of the best among so many. Thus, we have listed out some factors below:

Ignition Type – 

The gas stoves present in the market now have two types of ignition styles, manual and automated. Both are equally popular and possess their advantages and disadvantages. Among these two, we prefer the manual one because according to us, they are safer to use. In the case of manual ignition type, you will need a lighter of matchbox for igniting the flame while for automated ones, the flame turn on as soon as you switch it on.

The number of burners – 

This factor is very important to consider. Usually, the number of burners requirement is directly proportional to the number of members in the family. The 2-burner and 3-burner are the most common ones now. More burners enable you to cook different dishes simultaneously, thus help in saving cooking time.

Material – 

It is very important to check the material so that you can use it for a longer time. Make sure to choose a material that is durable and sturdy. The most popular ones nowadays are the glass top gas stoves since they come with an awesome look. Moreover, they are easier to maintain. However, stainless steel bodies are still preferred as they are economical to buy.

Size – 

This factor is to be checked even before buying. You must keep in mind the slab’s size or area where you will be keeping the gas stove and choose the best gas stove according to that. If you buy the best quality gas stove, but the size does not fit into that area, then there will be no benefit of buying it.

Burner Material – 

Usually, the material of the burners used is two-brass or aluminum. Among the two, brass is more preferable since it helps efficient cooking and gas usage.

Space between burners – 

You must check the space between burners to be enough so that you face no problem while cooking two dishes together.

So these are some of the major factors while buying a gas stove; hence it is important to choose a gas stove from the Best Gas Stove Brand in India. Thus we have listed above the top 7 Best Gas Stove Brands in India.

Types of Gas Stoves in India

Depending on usage and number of burners, gas stoves can be categorized into four types:

  • 1-burner or Single burner gas stove – This can be used mainly if you are a bachelor or want to buy it for your tea stall business.
  • 2-burner gas stove – You can select this if your family consists of 2 or 3 members. This is the most common type of gas stoves in Indian homes.
  • 3-burner gas stoves – This is suitable for 4 to 5 family members. This is the second most common type that you will find in Indian households.
  • 4-burner gas stoves – This is mainly required for families consisting of more than 5 members.

Depending on the looks, style, and design, We can categorize gas stoves into 2 Types:

  • Stainless-steel gas stoves – From the first of its invention, this is the most popular type of gas stove. The body and top are manufactured using stainless steel. These are the very economical type to buy though it is a bit difficult to clean. That is the reason nowadays; the glass top has become so popular.
  • Glass top gas stoves – This has proceeded in the race than stainless steel ones nowadays. There are several reasons for that. One is the glorious and gorgeous look that enhances the look of the kitchen. Another reason is the ease of maintenance. If you choose this type from one of the renowned brands mentioned above, then the glass provided is toughened, shatter-proof, and scratch-resistant.

Benefits of Using Gas Stoves

As mentioned earlier, gas stoves are the king of the kitchen. Thus choosing a random gas stove will not only help, you have to choose the one that ensures efficient cooking and less time-consuming.

For the varied benefits, gas stoves are so much popular in Indian homes. There are a lot of benefits, so that we will point out the priority ones here.

  1. The setup process is very convenient and easy.
  2. Wide range of prices so you can choose the best one among those according to your budget.
  3. Due to the evolution of so many gas stoves nowadays with the latest technology features like glass tops, it is easy to use and clean them.
  4. Various types depending on the number of burners, so you can choose one that serves your purpose.
  5. Some gas stoves are specially designed so that they ensure efficient gas usage.

Thus there are numerous benefits besides the pointed ones of gas stoves, so it is of immense importance to select a good gas stove from the Best Gas Stove Brands in India.

The Final Verdict | Best Gas Stove Brand in India

Throughout this series, we have provided a complete guide tour to help you choose the Best Gas Stove Brand in India or Best Gas Stove for your Kitchen. So if you want to know the main points or the summary of this article, it is very important to buy a gas stove from a reliable brand. However, this thing applies to any appliance that you will buy as you will be investing some amount on that.

Therefore, we have included the top 7 brands that can offer you some of the best gas stoves along with their service. Hope you enjoyed the article, thanks for visiting and maintaining the patience to read. We hope you will come back again to check some more in the future.

Have a good day!

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