Best Hobs in India | Unveiling Top Picks | Reviews & Buying Guide

We have curated this list of the Best Hobs in India, which will help you choose a gas hob according to your taste in kitchen aesthetics, while also slashing your time in the kitchen and making it more enjoyable. The review contains a compilation of the top ten products on the market and focuses on balancing price and functionality to provide you with the best possible option for your home.

Today’s Indian kitchen is far more organized, modular, and technologically advanced. As we have seen a rise in functional spaces, the demand for high-end kitchen appliances has also seen a spike. Out of many appliances that hit the market, built-in hobs have carved a special place in the hearts of Indians. If you are a home cook and are looking for an opportunity to modernize your kitchenette, a gas hob is one of the first things to look for.

10 Best Hobs in India

S.No.Product NamePrice
1.Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass TopCheck on Amazon
2.Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas StoveCheck on Amazon
3.Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass HobCheck on Amazon
4.Bosch Gas Hob (PNH6B6B10I)Check on Amazon
5.Prestige Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas StoveCheck on Amazon
6.Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas StoveCheck on Amazon
7.Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop HobCheck on Amazon
8.iBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas StoveCheck on Amazon
9.Faber 75 cm Hobtop 4 Burner Auto IgnitionCheck on Amazon
10.Green chef GHT HOB Auto Ignition 4 BurnerCheck on Amazon

What is the Best Hobs in India? By Most Trusted Brands

Here is our list of the Best Hobs in India that will amp-up your cooking experience, and provide your kitchen with the aesthetics that will get you compliments. We have ranked and reviewed the products based on their functionality, customer feedback, features, and pros/cons to provide you with a transparent analysis. Dig right in!

1. Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Black Glass
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

At number one, we have Elica’s four-burner glass top hob that provides some of the best aesthetics and quality compared to any other we’ve seen. Elica has been a pioneer in delivering premium and high-range kitchen appliances since the 1900s, and their positive report card over the years tells us it’s a brand to invest in.

We recommend this hob after considering the balance of toughness, durability, and attractiveness it provided. It comes with a toughened glass top that is both scratch-resilient and anti-corrosive, with a finish that makes for a long run. The hob comes with an auto-ignition system and brass burners proficient in saving gas and your time by speeding up the cooking.

The product comes with a multi-flame feature that allows you to control both the inner and outer flame with the same knob, providing you faster cooking. While the 360-degree movable knobs are covered with top-grade metallic material, offering you a smooth execution and less friction in your everyday cooking.

  • Toughened-glass comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Operates smoothly with metallic knobs and multi-flame control
  • Maintains the stability of the pans and pots
  • Body made with an anti-corrosive and scratch-free glass
  • Comparatively expensive, but worth the investment nonetheless

2. Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Sunflame has been a leading manufacturer in kitchen devices and appliances in India for a total of three decades. One of the reasons it catches the common man’s eye is the seamless design, high-quality features, and enjoyable experience it provides at a meagre price range. This one mainly is a 4-burner model, which is ideal for medium to large families, especially as you get high-efficiency brass burners here that consume less LPG.

The hob is also decently attractive and is bound to get you compliments by guests. But looks are not all it’s got. The top body uses toughened glass, which can easily bear high temperatures on a longer duration. It is also easier to clean. All you have to do is wipe down the debris and spillage with a cotton cloth and some cleaning liquid, making it ideal for working professionals on a time shortage.

The product comes with euro-coated pan supports with high resistance to heat, with a special coating that does not peel off regularly. Many customers suggest that the entire body promises long durability. You also ensured zero LPG leakage, as the friction-less knobs allow you to manage the flame quickly. As compared to other models, we have found almost negligible downsides to this product.

  • Provides you with a safe use with zero LPG leakage
  • Comes with highly efficient and durable brass burners
  • Helps save LPG gas by providing you flame control
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Unable to support oversized pans

3. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Glen has been around for less than 25 years, but it has already marked the market. This brand has gathered a considerably good reputation for itself due to its innovations in mixer grinders and kitchen chimneys. When it comes to their hobs, this four-burner built-in glass hob is a sleek and stylish addition to our list. The product comes with double-ring brass burners manufactured in India and allows for more prolonged and lip-smacking cooking.

The two big burners provide unmatched convenience and performance, and the pan supports have been fortified with durable vitreous, which keeps them intact for longer. So once you invest in the product, you will enjoy its service for a long time and save all the extra money for replacements. The 8mm thick glass top makes it hard to crack under pressure and helps withstand even the heaviest utensils known to Indian cooking.

One of the downsides of the product is that the brand does not provide you with any installation service. There is also very little information on whether the product can run on PNG. It also does not come with a regulator tube, which does not make it safe to work with.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Thick 8mm toughened glass for a sturdy and durable experience
  • Ample space between burners
  • Easy to clean with matt steel drip tray
  • Knobs operate smoothly and without friction
  • Does not come with the regular tube, has to be purchased separately
  • No free installation service provided by the brand

4. Bosch Gas Hob ( PNH6B6B10I )

Bosch Gas Hob ( PNH6B6B10I )


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Aluminium
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Bosch is always a reliable brand that you can invest in with closed eyes, no matter the type of appliance you’re planning to purchase. On all fronts, whether it be the quality of the product or the durability it promises, Bosch has rarely given its customers the chance to be disappointed. This gas hob by Bosch is no different. It brings you a striking style with fixtures that are top in quality. However, please note that it caters to a high-end buyer crowd that does not consider the budget a significant issue.

This hob provides excellent brand value, and there’s so much more you can avail by bringing it home. You receive seamless instalment, functionality, and customer service that makes the entire experience hurdle-free and smooth. The product has a top-notch build quality with a lightweight yet sleek design. Burners are made out of aluminium, and the hob can seem slow in the beginning, but it should be fine once you get the hang of it.

You can use both LPG and PNG for cooking. If you live in an area with frequent power cuts, don’t worry. The product uses an FFD device, which keeps the flames from bursting in such cases. It is still recommended to disconnect the power connection to add an added layer of protection.

  • Ideal dimensions for an Indian kitchen
  • Works both on LPG and PNG
  • Suitable for vegetarian cooking
  • Easy to maintain, and provides excellent brand value and trust
  • Thick cooktop, may not suit everybody’s choice and taste
  • Does not provide adequate burning power for long-duration cooking

5. Prestige Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Best Hobs in India Prestige Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove


  • Number of Burners: Three
  • Burner Material: Sabaf Italian Burner
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Prestige brings you a revolutionary design with this three-burner glass top hob. Many customers suggest that this product has added a lot of ease and convenience to their lives, while others say it adds a spark to their kitchen. This automatic gas hob effectively allows you to manage the burners’ flame and ensures that you do not end up losing a lot of gas. As compared to traditional Best Gas Stoves that are known to drop more gas, this is an opportunity to cease.

Thanks to the Sabaf Italian Burners, the product provided uniformed heating that is best known for its performance. We also admire the dual-colour design, and it is going to turn your kitchen into a hotspot for compliments. All said, please note the size is ideal for most kitchen countertops, but not all. If you think you are in a space crunch, it’s always better to skip to a more compact option.

  • Enhances kitchen decor with vibrant colour schemes
  • Sabaf Italian Burners ensure even cooking
  • Works very smoothly, and has user-friendly features
  • Easy use with one-touch ignition
  • Dimensions may not be fit for every kitchen
  • Can be hard to clean

6. Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Best Hobs in India Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove


  • Number of Burners: Three
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

It is essential to make a wise decision when it comes to choosing a kitchen hobs. Hobs can be comparatively expensive, and you do not want to end up splurging on a product that does not provide performance. One such hob top that only makes the promises it can sustain is this Whirlpool 3-burner auto-ignition hob. The main reason it has cut into this list is the balance between the price tag and features.

The Elite Hybrid HD 703 Brass Kitchen Hob is an ideal first-buy for newly experimenting users with kitchen hobs. It provides you with the right features like automatic ignition, brass burners, and a compact size that leaves enough space on your counter. One of the striking aspects of this product is the lifetime warranty on the glass-top and decently heat-resistance knobs.

Since Whirlpool is not a big player in the kitchen appliance industry, you shouldn’t expect fancy features or out-of-the-box design. But the product is certainly good enough for its price range, and the reputation of a trusted brand only makes things easier. This is an ideal hob for a small family.

  • Adequate space between burners
  • Heat-resistant knobs for long hours of cooking
  • 10-year warranty on glass, and a 5-year warranty on the gas valve
  • Multi-ring burner provides faster meal preparation
  • After-sale services can be challenging
  • Loses points on the overall aesthetic and design

7. Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Best Hobs in India


  • Number of Burners: Three
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened Glass
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Elica is one of the renowned brands known in the Indian kitchen appliance industry, especially when it comes to cooktops. This is why this brand had to make a second appearance on the list. It has several models lined up in the market, and it’s easy for you to find an Elica model that suits your aspirations and budgets, no matter what they are.

When it comes to gas hobs, this three-burner cooktop seems like a decent buy for many. The product comes with brass burners that are appropriately spaced, reliable knobs, and suitable dimensions for a standard Indian kitchen. This is the product you choose when you’re trying to find a balance between class and usability.

It has been reasonably priced for its design and features, especially when you consider the ultra-slim floating design and rigid pan supports on any kadhai. The enamelled cast-iron grid makes it more comfortable!

Nonetheless, the hob is not scratch-proof, and some precautions should always be taken while cleaning and handling the product. The burning power of KW of both the mini and large burners could be better, but it’s still decent for daily cooking.

  • Comes with a reliable value attached to the brand
  • Performs well for daily cooking of a standard family
  • Able to support large vessels
  • The entire body can be cleaned and wiped easily
  • Low burning power
  • Not ideal for prolonged cooking

8. iBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Best Hobs in India iBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Stainless steel with glass top
  • Ignition Type: Autoignition

When you have the proper appliances and utensils at home, cooking becomes much easier (and tastier). This iBell glass-top gas hob has a decent track record in providing high-quality performance. iBell is a reasonably new brand trying to cut into the fast-paced electronics industry with its innovative approach. This underdog has many reliable features that you might be interested in.

It comes with a 3-burner arrangement that allows enough space for multiple pans and pots simultaneously. Proper balance is ensured with the sturdy stands at the bottom of the 490GH. The quality of these pan supports add many years to it, so you do not have to worry about it on that front. The product comes with auto-ignition that is battery-powered, and it helps you save a lot of time in the kitchen.

Many standard features of a premium hob have been met here with the 360-degree nozzle and generally user-friendly design. The body is made with stainless steel and a high-grade, toughened glass with decent heat resistance. Please note that the glass-top corners can be damaged easily, so you’ll be dealing with it very delicately.

  • Individual pan-supports facilitate the cleaning process
  • Highly heat-resistant brass burners
  • Construction is very smooth and user-friendly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Corners of the glass-top are very delicate
  • Post-sale service needs to be improved

9. Faber 75 cm Hobtop 4 Burner Auto Ignition (HCT 754 SR CRS LBK CI)

Best Hobs in India


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened glass top
  • Ignition Type: Autoignition

Faber has been known to be a worldwide leader in manufacturing kitchen hoods, with a minimum history of 20 years in the Indian market for kitchen appliances. This auto-ignition hob top by Faber provides you with a more in-depth insight into the brand’s capabilities and future potential. This product is one of the premium kitchen hobs by Faber and outshines many 4-burner variants today.

Firstly, you will notice the high-quality and ergonomic rotary knobs situated on the top of the hob. Not only do they make it easier to ignite the burner, but they also provide you with easy management of the flame while cooking.

The metal-crafted knobs and toughened anti-scratch glass top provide an enticing look to the product; however, please note that some customers suggest that the body is prone to damage on heavy usage.

The product comes with an anti-leak technology combined with joint-less welding that adds an extra layer of protection while cooking. It also comes with a glass-edge protector to help maintain and safeguard the body’s robustness, along with cast iron pan supports for the harsh Indian cooking. However, you may be a little disappointed with the power burning power of the burners at times.

  • Cast-iron pan supports help maintain stability while cooking
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty on the burners and gas-valve
  • Autoignition system works well even after consistent use over the years
  • Does not hog up a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Does not provide enough burning power
  • The body is delicate and prone to damage

10. Green chef GHT HOB Auto Ignition 4 Burner

Best Hobs in India Green chef GHT HOB Auto Ignition 4 Burner


  • Number of Burners: Four
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Body Material: Toughened glass
  • Ignition Type: Auto-ignition

Greenchef’s history goes back to 1999 when Sukhlal Jain founded it. The company was based precisely on the manufacturing of LPG gas stoves, and since then, it has come a long way in the arena of home and kitchen appliances. To this day, Greenchef provides you an extensive product range that offers a life of convenience to every homemaker. This Greenchef GHT HOB is a four-burner model made with standard materials and construction that allows it to last long.

The product is priced at a good range, and many customers are happy users who would vouch for the quality of the product. Unfortunately, it is still very new to the market and hasn’t reached its exposure for a thorough review. But we like what we have heard until now, and expect a winner out of it. The product comes with brass burners with thick metallic holders to balance all kinds of heavy-duty vessels.

  • Provides even flame for tasty cooking
  • Burners are heavy-duty and differently sized
  • Low chances of rust due to substantial holder support
  • Good spacing between burners
  • Finishing needs improvement
  • Lesser-known brand

How to Buy the Best Hobs in India?

In order to make the best value for money purchases for your kitchen, there are a few factors you have to keep in mind. This section will help you decide the kind of hob you require according to your preferences and kitchen dimensions. We have included a range of features from the hob’s size, number of burners, to the type of ignition ideal for you.

1. Size of your kitchen

The dimensions of your kitchen area are among the essential factors to pay attention to when buying a hob. Size matters, so we recommend users compare the product measurements before making the purchase and comparing it to your kitchen platform. It must be so that the platform must have ample space for all the chopping, mixing, and grinding after you install the hob. Otherwise, meal preparation will be a mess.

2. The depth of the Burner stand

Indian cooking comprises big vessels and long preparations; therefore, it is essential to ensure your hob’s burner stand is designed to take that challenge. We recommend you switch your regular utensils with the ones that have a flat bottom. Otherwise, you might require extra supports.

3. Consider the number of burners

Hobs come in multiple sizes and shapes, with variations in the number of burners as well. The product can contain burners ranging from single-ring to four-rings, as well as functional five sets of WOK burners in some models.

i) One, two, and three-ring hobs:

If you are dealing with a space crunch, you can go for the smaller hobs with one to three-ring burners. Do not worry about the space too much, and you should be easily able to toss-up a Sunday roast with even two-burners. Hobs with two-burners is known as domino hobs, and they’re possibly the most sought-out in Indian families.

ii) Four-burner hobs:

If you have a small or standard family and are not required to cook meals for large groups, then a four-burner hob will work fine for you. These hobs tend to hog up less space, so they generally fit right in. Neither do they cost you a fortune, so it’s a win-win.

iii) Five-burner hobs:

These hobs are ideal for the big fat Indian families, also known as joint families. A five-burner job, including a central WOK burner, provides you with space and energy required for common significant meal preparations. Users who are fond of cooking will undoubtedly relish the possibilities these hobs can bring, as fitting several utensils together will not be an issue. It also saves you a lot of time.

4. Consider type for burners

The burners found in hobs typically fall under three main types: single, double, and triple corona. Please note that the popular WOK burners are double and triple corona burners.

i) Single Corona:

These are generally used for cooking that requires low-heat. They provide one ring of flames and are skimmer. They offer a burning power of 1.65-1.75 KW.

ii) Double corona:

WOK burners that come with double corona will provide you with two rings of flames, with one at the outer level and the other at the centre.

iii) Triple corona:

You will get three rings of flame here with one at the outer area, one inwardly at the middle, and the third one at the central. This provides an even heat distribution.

Both the double and triple corona WOK burners will offer you the burning power of 3.5-4.5 KW.

5. Ignition Type

Like modern gas stoves, hobs also provide you with two types of ignition sources: manual and auto-ignition mode. If you ask us, they’re both useful. The old-fashioned way of going about it is to either get an ignited matchstick or a gas lighter to do the job. On the other hand, auto-ignition runs on battery and allows you to ignite the hobby merely turning a knob.

We find the auto-ignition mode far safer than the manual alternative as it doesn’t demand any outside source for power. You also do not have to worry about the timing or finding the matchstick or lighter every time you want to use the appliance.

Some of the most recent inventions in gas, electric, and induction hobs come with auto-ignition mode. Nonetheless, both of these types are popular in their way. (Check our Best Induction Cooktops in India currently available in Indian market)

6. Space Between Burners

Please note that all the burners on your hob have ample space between them. Ensure that at least three big utensils can fit comfortably on it at the same time. This is one feature that we often find lacking in most models, and mostly offer hobs that not only eat up a lot of space on your kitchen counter but also cost you a fortune.

7. Pan Support

Pan support is another essential feature to focus on when you’re buying gas hobs in the market. You should generally find hobs with smaller pan supports, which is why it is imperative that you find yourself a hob with enough pan support for your house. It should be able to handle the pans and vessels you have back at home, and should not wobble or come apart at the slightest of pressure. When you pay attention to this feature, you will ensure yourself a quality product which is also value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) about Best Hobs in India

What is the difference between a Hob and Stove?

The traditional gas stove and kitchen hob-top have their primary differences in the design. While a stove is free-standing and can be placed as per your usability and suitability, kitchen hobs can be mounted on your right on your kitchen platform. Gas hobs have been known to provide a noticeable difference in manageability, performance, and style compared to the customary gas stove that India is accustomed to.

If you want to add style to your kitchen decor without missing out on functionality, we suggest using kitchen hobs. They’re smarter, safer to use and provide a more sophisticated experience than gas stoves currently present on the market.

How to Clean the Hobs?

There are a variety of kitchen hobs available on the market in terms of material. Thereby, the cleaning process will differ accordingly. Having said that, hobs by virtue are easier to clean and maintain than traditional gas stoves, so there shouldn’t be such a problem surrounding it.

Cleaning Stainless steel hob:

Here are some steps you can follow to provide a good cleanse to your stainless steel hob.

  • Start by removing the burners, rings, as well as grate
  • Mix dish soap into hot water and keep it aside
  • Use a multi-surface cleaner to spray onto the hob and let it sit for two minutes
  • Wipe it down with a non-abrasive cloth and use a toothbrush for all the crevices
  • Clean all the residual debris and dirt from all the parts with a soft pad and dry them
  • End the process with some baby oil for a sparkling shine

Cleaning Ceramic hob:

As stunning as these hobs look, they are challenging to work around during cleaning. They are harder to care for, and can quickly dirty up. Below are a few steps you can take in bringing back its old look:

  • Clean all loose debris and spray some cleaning liquid explicitly made for ceramic materials and leave in on for two minutes
  • Take a non-abrasive or cotton cloth to wipe away the liquid gently
  • For difficult areas, please make use of newspapers by scrunching them up
  • Stop if you notice any scratching, you do not want to mess up the material

Cleaning Glass hob:

Compared to ceramic hobs, you will not have to worry about ruining the glass hob. They are a lot less delicate and can be brought back to their pristine clean look within minutes. However, it is still recommended to handle them with enough care.

For glass hobs, you can follow all the steps mentioned above for the ceramic hobs, after replacing the cleaning liquid to something glass-friendly. Please note that it is still possible to leave scratches on the glass; therefore, try not to use wires on them.

Cleaning Electric hob:

It can be a little puzzling to care about electric hobs, especially the ones with hotplates. Are you supposed to give them a thorough scrub or handle them delicately? According to our experience, you should get away with a good scrub on a hotplate compared to other hobs. Here is how you can do that:

  • Detach the hotplates if you are removable
  • Go ahead and spray some multi-surface kitchen spray on the hob and leave it for a minute or two
  • You can use wire wool scrubs on these hobs for the scrub, but ensure you do not leave any scratches
  • You can move to a softer scrub material if you start seeing scratches
  • Dry the hotplates properly before you put them back onto the hobs

Conclusion on Best Hobs in India

If you aim to revamp your kitchen space or have moved into a new place, we recommend going with kitchen hobs instead of gas stoves. Hobs can be an excellent choice for all types of families and usages, and they do not only look good but facilitate faster and more energy-efficient cooking. We hope our stellar Ten Best Hobs in India would help you buy the perfect pick for yourself.

In case you have the liberty to spend on a premium product, we recommend the Elica Hob 4-Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top. It strikes the perfect balance between looks, performance, as well as space management. The product is made with premium materials and rigid support that will allow you to cook at ease. Both customer reviews and expert analysis suggest that this Elica hob is designed to last.

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