Best Glen Gas Stove Review | Unveiling Quality and Performance

The Best way to win anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Thus, it is important that you cook good foods and for that, the main thing that you need is a gas stove in your kitchen, which is we have the Best Glen Gas Stove Review over here.

Gas stoves have come a long way and like everything, this also has evolved a lot these days. There are different types of gas stoves that you will find in Indian kitchens ranging from stainless steel to glass top ones. This article is about glen gas stove review.

Depending on the number of burners as well, there are various types like 1-burner, 2-burner, 3-burner, and 4-burner gas stoves. The most common type you will find is either a 2-burner or a 3-burner one.

Though this has become a common thing in every Indian home, still it is important to select the best gas stove. This is because it is not enough to buy a gas stove that can help you to cook but also use the gas efficiently.

It should be durable and long-lasting with awesome looks that can add beauty to your kitchen. Therefore for choosing the best gas stove it is important to select the best brands. Among many brands, if we try to filter the best ones, then Glen gas stove surely comes on that list after The Butterfly Gas Stove.

This is the reason we have prepared this article for the best Glen gas stove review. We have included 5 best products of different types that you can compare and select the one you want.

Without any more ado, let us dive in.

Why Buy a Glen Gas Stove? | Benefits

Glen is one of the most popular gas stoves in India. This brand offers some of the trusted and reliable gas stoves. There are wide varieties of gas stoves from Glen including stainless steel, glass tops, and manual and auto-ignition ones as well.

When you go to buy a gas stove, you always want that it looks good and well-designed so that it can add a premium look to your kitchen.

These Glen gas stoves are a perfect combination of aesthetics and super performance. These gas stoves are equipped with brass and aluminium burners so you can choose the one that suits your needs or budget.

Some of the key features that make this the best one among so many brands are:

  • Attractive look and design.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Perfect warranty period.
  • Easy to use and clean.

List of Best Glen Gas Stove Review

1. Glen 3-Burner Gas Stove (1030 GT Junior BB)

Product Description –

If you want a high-quality 3-burner gas stove at an affordable price, then this is the best gas stove that you can opt for.

This comes with a toughened glass top thus makes it attractive to look at and also easy to clean. It has a rich matt steel body that adds to its durability. The pan supports are designed to be strong. Out of the 3 burners, 1 is big and the other two are small.

Therefore, you can cook 3 dishes simultaneously at ease. This gas stove supports mainly LPG gas but on request, it can be converted to PNG gas as well with an extra charge.

Its warranty is for 2 years.

The dimensions of this model are 36 x 71 x 11 cm.


  • The glass used is very tough and strong.
  • Classy look.
  • Brass burners are efficient.


  • Height is less but you can contact the support to add extra legs.

2. Glen 2-Burner Gas Stove (1020 GT Junior BB)

Product Description –

With the same features as the previous product, this comes with 2 brass burners that make it suitable for families comprising 2 or 3 members.

This is compact thus you can place it on a small slab not taking much space. The top of this gas stove is made of toughened thick black glass and the body is of rich matt steel. With strong pan supports and stainless steel drip trays, this is extremely durable.

There are 1 big burner and 1 small burner thus appropriate for cooking 2 dishes at the same time. It is equipped with fuel-efficient brass burners, this gas stove is a trusted asset in the long run.

Its warranty is for 2 years.

The dimensions of this item are 33.5 x 57.5 x 11 cm.


  • Classy design and look.
  • Light in weight.
  • Compact, durable, and sturdy.


  • Height is a bit short.

3. Glen 4-Burner Gas Stove | LPG | 1043 GT

Product Description –

The third place is taken by this gas stove with 4 burners thus suitable for families consisting of more than 4 members at an affordable option. This is the best Glen gas stove under 5000.

The top of this gas stove is manufactured using toughened 6mm black glass and a rich matt steel body. With strong pan supports along with stainless steel drip trays, this gas stove proves to be sturdy and durable.

The burners are made of aluminium alloy thus making it to last longer although not as efficient as brass ones. It is equipped with a 360-degrees swivel type revolving inlet nozzle.

Its warranty is for 2 years.

The dimensions of this item are 56.5 x 55 x 11.8 cm.


  • Stylish looks.
  • The burners come with 5 years of warranty.
  • Toughened glass.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Supports only LPG gas though it is convertible to PNG gas but requires an extra charge.

4. Glen 4-Burner Gas Stove with Stainless Steel | 1045 High Flame

Product Description –

After discussing the glass top gas stoves, let us move a bit to the stainless steel ones. This is the best stainless steel Glen gas stove that you can go for.

This gas stove is equipped with 4 burners with enough space in between so it is easy to cook different dishes together. The knobs are ergonomically designed that is smooth to operate. The pan supports are strong and durable that takes care of your vessels from getting fallen down.

The aluminium alloy burners produce a high flame that helps in efficient cooking in less time.

Its warranty is for 2 years.

The dimensions of this item are 56.5 x 70 x 11 cm.


  • Smart 360 degree swivel type revolving nozzle.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Good budget buy.


  • Height is low.

5. Glen 3-Burner Gas Stove | Auto-Ignition Type

Product Description –

If you want to get modern with days such that your gas stove also becomes automated then this product can be the best choice for you.

This has a toughened glass top that makes it easy to clean. With strong pan supports and stainless steel drip trays, this is one of the durable gas stoves.

The brass burners are fuel-efficient with ISI certification. It supports LPG gas but can be converted to PNG gas with an extra charge.

Its warranty is for 2 years.

The dimensions of this item are 39 x 72 x 11.8 cm.


  • Easy to install.
  • Looks attractive.
  • Ignition button works in just one click.


  • Not very easy to clean but okay.

Some Factors to Considered While Buying Glen Gas Stove | Buying Guide

We have considered several factors, will list down some here –

The Number of Burners – 

As mentioned above, there are mainly 4 types of gas stoves depending on this criterion. We have consolidated the list in such a manner that it includes all the types so that you can choose as per your requirement. This mainly depends on the number of family members and the time you want to spend in your kitchen for cooking.

Ignition Type – 

Now, gas stoves can be classified into two types depending on this factor also like the manually operated ones and the auto ignited ones. In the case of a manually operated one, you have to use a lighter or matchstick to ignite the flame after switching on.

For the automated ones, you will not need any extra accessory as the flame will be ignited as soon as you switch on the stove. We prefer the manual ones more but you can also go with the autoignition ones if you want. In the list for the best Glen gas stove review, we have included both types.

Material – 

Nowadays, glass top ones are the new fashion. Compared to the stainless steel ones they look fashionable and stylish in your kitchen. We have included both stainless steel and glass top gas stoves in this list so that you can buy the one that you like.

Burner Material – 

Usually, for the burners, there are two types of materials used. Those are brass and aluminium. It is better to go with the brass burners but if you want you can also go with the aluminium alloy burners.

Size – 

We have given the dimensions of each gas stove on our list. This is an important factor to consider since you need to be aware of the size of the gas stove so that it can fit well in the area that you will be going to place it.

Budget – 

You must set a budget before purchasing a gas stove. So you should check the best ones that fall within your budget and go for the one according to your requirements.

The Final Verdict

In this article on the Best Glen Gas Stove Review, we have included the different types of gas stoves. Thus all of these are the best ones as per our recommendation.

So go for the one that you like and that will suit your purpose. Stay safe, take care!

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