Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove | Which is Right for You?

Kitchens are no longer the smoky and congested places that were quite common some years ago. Now people want their homes to be designed by giving the importance it deserves to the kitchen. In this article, we make a comparison between a Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove.

This encouraged cooktop manufacturers to launch lighter and eye-catching designs. Glass top gas stove that is growing popular is one of the cooktop designs introduced to tone with the setting of modern kitchens.

What Is A Glass Top Gas Stove?

The glass top gas stove surface is made with toughened glass that gives a sleek look to the stove. The toughened glass used in the cooktop is made by heating glass to very high temperatures and cooling it rapidly. It is superior to ordinary glass types when it comes to strength, durability, and heat resistance.

The burner of the glass top gas stove is similar to the stainless steel top gas stove. Being a gas stove, glass top gas stove is powered by cooking gas.

What Is A Stainless Steel Gas Stove?

Stainless steel top gas stove has its surface made of stainless steel.

Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Here is a comparison of glass top gas stove and stainless steel gas stove:


If you were to compare the visual appeal of a glass top gas stove and stainless steel top gas stove, you would find that the former looks better than the latter. This is the reason glass top gas stove is being chosen for modern kitchens than stainless steel top gas stove.


As glass top gas stove and stainless steel top gas stove differ only in terms of the cooktop material, the safety considerations are more or less the same for both. Both cooktops use gas as fuel and you have to be well aware of the safety measures you ought to take when handling a gas-powered stove.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

The effort to be put into maintaining a glass top gas stove and stainless steel top gas stove are more or less the same. When it comes to cleaning the cooktop after cooking, we find it easier to clean a glass cooktop gas stove than cleaning stainless steel top stove.

However, you have to be a little more careful with the glass top stove as it can get scratched easily. Also, be careful when you select the cleaning solutions as some cleaners can damage the glass surface.

When cleaning a glass top gas stove, do not use a scrubber as it can cause scratches on the surface. Also, it is recommended to not clean the glass top gas stop while it is hot because the sudden drop in temperature when you pour the cleaning solution could crack the glass top surface. However, the stainless steel top stove can be cleaned even while it is hot.


The glass top and stainless steel stoves usually come with a manual ignition option. Now you get gas stoves with an automatic ignition system, but that may not be ideal in every condition. If you are not careful enough when using a gas stove with the automatic ignition system, there could be gas leakage.


As high-quality glass used in the making of glass top gas stove is expensive, the price of a glass cooktop gas stove will be high. A stainless steel top gas stove comes at a lower price than a glass top stove.

If you have to replace the cooktop, replacing the glass cooktop will mostly turn out to be expensive. However, the replacement of the stainless steel top is not that pricey.

Precautions To Take When Using Glass Top Gas Stove

Here are some of the safety precautions you have to take when using a glass top gas stove:

Do Not Use Oversized Utensils

Using large and heavy utensils on the cooktop will put a lot of stress on the cooktop and increase the risk of shattering the glass. Using large-sized pots and pans could also trap heat in the cooktop and affect its heat sustaining ability adversely.

Use utensils of the right size. It will be usually mentioned in the product guide. Also, use stable utensils because the utensils that do not have flat bottoms can increase the risk of food spillage on the cooktop.

Never Keep The Burner Enclosed

Some might have the habit of keeping the cooktop covered to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the cooktop. However, it increases the risk of the glass top getting shattered because burners kept covered will cause heat to get trapped.

This increases the pressure and reduces the heat sustaining capacity of the glass top. The glass top surface becomes more prone to breakage.

Do Not Place Pots on Glass Top

Glass top stoves are designed to bear the weight of lightweight utensils. Pots and similar utensils are quite heavy and take care to not place them over the glass top stove. You also have to be careful when placing utensils with sharp edges at the bottom, as they may scratch the glass top surface.

Clean The Burners Regularly 

Burners clogged with combustion byproducts and dust could be one reason why your gas stove is not working as you expect it to. Make sure you clean the burners regularly so that they don’t get clogged up.

Study The Instruction Manual Of The Glass Top Gas Stove Thoroughly

Even if you have used a glass top gas stove earlier, do not proceed into using a newly bought one without studying its user manual. The features of glass top gas stove of different manufacturers may vary.

For instance, some may come with a manual ignition system, while others may have an automatic ignition system. Study the user manual thoroughly to make the right utensil choices and follow the right maintenance procedure.

Before you choose between stainless steel top gas stove and glass top gas stove, study all the features of both thoroughly.

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