How to Cook on Induction Cooktop? | A Beginner’s Guide

Where standard cooktops use natural energy sources for cooking food, induction cooktops create heat itself. So, no pollution! Well, How to Cook on Induction Cooktop? Let’s learn in this quick post.

Ever rubbed your hands on each other on wintery days! Your hands get warmer as friction gets created due to push & pull behavior. The same principle is applied in the working of induction cooktops. 

Induction uses electromagnetic radiation to cook food inside the cookware. You turn on the induction, and the electric current passes through the copper, which is a heating element. After that, you put a ferromagnetic vessel over the stove. The electric currents pull the electrons inside the utensil towards it, and however, the utensil’s electrons resist this push. Due to the constant push & pull battle, heat energy is generated. This, in turn, cooks your food. 

Well, how do you cook food inside an induction? Let’s decode it in this short post. 

So, let’s dive deep into this short post. 

How to Switch on Induction Stove?

How to clean an Induction Stove - How to Cook on Induction Cooktop

It’s easy! I hope you’ve installed the built-in or portable induction already! A built-in cooktop requires the technician to fix it, and you may need to cut the countertop to install it properly. After that, it’s time to start cooking. 

Step 1:

Before switching on induction, place induction-friendly cookware on its top. 

Keep the surroundings of cookware and induction-free to allow air to vent through. 

Step 2:

Place the food to be cooked inside the cookware. Then, switch on the button. 

We place cookware before switching on the cooktop because it avoids the stray EMF flow. Also, ideally, a cooktop switches off itself if it detects no cookware within 10-60 seconds. So, to avoid this hassle, we put cookware before turning the induction on!

Safety Tips to remember before you cook:

1. Keep the right-size cookware in the right-size heating zone for even cooking. 

2. Align the heating zone’s center with a ring drawn on the cooktop surface. 

3. Never drag utensils over the induction. Gently put cookware straight onto the induction and remove it the same way. 

How to Cook on Induction Cooktop?

How do I Choose a Gas Stove - How to Cook on Induction Cooktop

Trust us; you would love cooking on induction! Yeah, it takes a learning curve when you start induction cooking. But, it’s super-fast and super-easy as you progress. 

Step 1:

Gently place the induction-compatible cookware over the cooktop. Switch on the induction stove. (Follow the procedure said above in this post)

Caution! :

Set the plug inside the power outlet. The power outlet must be switched off while you place the pin. Switch it on afterward!

Step 2:

Place the ‘power on’ button on the control panel, and it could be one-touch or long-press. Check the owner’s manual if you’re confused.

Step 3:

This step applies to appliances having multiple rings. There is a sensor on the control panel, and choose the right ring suitable for cooking or heating based on the sensor’s directions. 

Step 4:

Use +/- buttons existing on the cooktop, and one uses them to increase or decrease power or temperature and time. For instance, use low-temperature control for cooking cuisines that require slow cooking. 

Step 5:

Power off the induction after use. 

How to Clean the Induction after Cooking?

Once the food is cooked, it’s time for induction cleaning! Follow the steps:

How to clean an Induction Stove

● Wipe the induction base with a wet pad or towel. Use cream or mild-detergent alongside. 

● If any, to remove stubborn stains, use a scraper by applying optimal pressure. Apply white vinegar or special creams for hard stains. Dab the cloth and rub the stained areas. 

● Finally, wipe with a dry & soft cloth. Check Here for details guide How to Clean an Induction Stove

Caution! :

Never use a lot of water while cleaning up the induction. Remember, it’s a piece of electric equipment. Remove another cream with a damp pad or wipe with a soft dry cloth. 

Storing the Induction after use

Follow the steps:

1. Before storing, the induction must be completely dry. 

2. Cover the induction cooktop with a dry cloth. It makes it durable!

3. Store the cooktop somewhere at a handy place. You require it for the next cooking session sooner! (Only possible in case of portable induction cooktops and not built-ins.)

Happy Cooking with Induction!

How Induction Stove Works

Induction Cooktop Features Explained

Induction comes with many cool features! 

Smart button control

What if I tell you that you can control the induction settings remotely? Yes, you can while sitting or standing at a distance.

Pause button

Busy in other kitchen tasks? Overwhelming to cope up with faster induction cooking? Take a break. Use the ‘pause’ function. 

Delay set function

Wish to cook cuisine a little later? Use the Delay set function, and your induction will initiate cooking at a future time. 

Preset menu program

Use a variety of present menu programs for delicious cooking! Power functions like a grill, boil, steam, stir, fry, warm, hotpot, etc. Just select the part. Timing & heating will be taken care of by induction. (Applies in case of most-featured inductions, exceptions can be there!)

Also, use a wok on an induction depressed area. It allows excellent stir-frying, roasting, steaming, pan-frying, etc. 

Child lock

Never risk an accidental change in cooking settings! With a child lock function, lock the cooking programs and let the induction continue cooking. 

Residual heat light flash

Once cooking is done, the induction is still hot for a few minutes. Wait for the heat light to stop flashing or turn from hot to cool. This feature ensures a great user’s safety. 

Overflowing and safety controls

Imagine that you kept the food cooking over induction and forgot to switch it off! Well, worrying about fire hazards? PLEASE, DO NOT. Your induction is innovative, and it cuts off when cooking zones are on without program alterations for a longer time. 

The higher heat setting turns off automatically in 1 or 1.5 hours, and a lower heat setting keeps on for 9 hours or so. 

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Conclusion on How to Cook on Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic radiation to generate heat, making them a healthy and efficient cooking method. Cooking on an induction cooktop is simple if you understand how they work and follow a few simple instructions.

Remember to use the suitable cookware, line it properly, and use the appropriate settings. It is critical to take precautionary measures such as not dragging utensils and keeping the induction surface clean.

Furthermore, if your induction cooktop is cleaned and stored properly, it will last a long time. Induction cooktops are also a versatile and user-friendly cooking alternative because they include a remote control, pause function, delay set, preset menu programs, child lock, and safety controls.

In conclusion, How to Cook on Induction Cooktop, it’s super-easy to cook with induction. Just use it the right way, as said in this short post. 

Follow the safety tips. Use different cooking modes mentioned above! Clean and store the induction cooktop well after use.

And, you’ll be a great induction chef no sooner than later! Have fun with your culinary adventures!


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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Which is easy to clean – Induction vs. Gas stoves?

Answer: Definitely, inductions! A homemaker knows how nightmare it is to remove dark stains present over a gas burner! While inductions have a flat glass-ceramic surface, they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

Q2. How much time does it take to boil water over Induction?

Answer: Approximately 90 seconds.

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